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Careers du Hainaut

Careers du Hainaut

Carrières du Hainaut® guarantees you a natural, high-quality product and optimal service. We attach great importance to respect for the environment. Our team makes every effort to promote the Blue Stone from Hainaut®. The exceptional qualities of the stone and our professional operation and approach are unparalleled quality guarantees that distinguish us in the natural stone sector.


Are you an architect, designer, landscaper or construction consultant? Our architect consultants think creatively with you. They are at your disposal with adequate advice, from the creative process to the final implementation of the project.

Are you a stone or marble cutter? Our commercial team will be happy to guide you to the most suitable technical solutions and choice of material or product.

Private individuals can always contact our network of stone and marble cutters. Their know-how and expertise are guaranteed to bring your projects to life and help you make the right choice.


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Address: Rue de Cognebeau 245

Postal Code: B-7060

Place: Soignies - Belgium

T: + 32 (0) 67 34 78 00

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