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Who is Celdex?

Celdex is a producer of plastic foam sealing products. Since 1983 we have seen it as our profession to develop products that are thermally and acoustically, water, dust and driving rain tight and airtight. Whether it concerns filling strips or filling blocks , frame belt or a meter cupboard sleeve. We offer a wide range for many applications.


With our expertise and our extensive machinery, we have already been able to provide many customers with custom solutions. The great diversity of raw materials and processes enable us to develop everything in-house, resulting in flexibility and short lines.

In addition to customization, high quality and durability are also important properties of our products. We believe in a future in which energy loss is prevented as much as possible without compromising comfort. Sustainable custom sealing products will play an essential role in this.

Innovate continuously

As an innovative manufacturer of sealing products, we develop solutions that create value for our customers. By continuously innovating and seeing opportunities in the market, we are able to offer (airtight) solutions that meet the needs of the market. Various smart solutions have now been developed for both the supplying prefab industry and the construction projects themselves.


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Address: Mijlstraat 18

Postal Code: 5281 LL

Place: Boxtel

T: 0411 682 400

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