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Breamark Engineering BV is an importer of CMAK Crane Systems. Breamark is part of an internationally operating group of companies that has many decades of experience with (special) overhead cranes, hoisting equipment and the associated service. Together with the qualities of CMAK, Breamark offers a worry-free total package of lifting solutions. Confidence in the CMAK products is underlined by Breamark by giving a unique 6-year warranty. Breamark supplies crane components and critical parts from stock.



Optimize your internal transport? CMAK's high-quality hoists and overhead cranes will keep you going for years to come. Family business CMAK has been a global and leading player in the production of industrial overhead cranes and overhead crane components since 1977. CMAK is known for its modular designs, attractive prices, flexibility and customization. The engineers are committed to delivering high-tech solutions, with the aim of improving the effectiveness and performance of companies.

  • One of the largest industrial overhead crane manufacturers in the world;

  • Delivers its products in no fewer than 65 countries across five continents;

  • Designs and produces high-quality overhead crane components, composed with quality components from Schneider, SKF, Telemecanique and Siemens license, among others;


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Address: HJ Nederhorststraat 1

Postal Code: 2801 SC

Place: Gouda

T: 0182 59 06 00

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