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Coba. Easy enough

Gluing and grouting. Repair and smooth out. Equalize and prime. Plus the necessary accessories. In short, everything you need as a professional. No more, but certainly nothing less. So is Coba.

Do you like to do a good job?

Then choose Coba. A purely Dutch range of finishing products without hassle. Coba knows the practice. Is there for you. Thinks along. Comes with handy solutions. And it is all convenience. A wide, but also clear range. You immediately see what you need. And how you use it. See for yourself.

Waiting costs money. That is why all Coba products are quickly available. So you always have a really good product at home, for a fair price. That works perfectly. And oh yes, you can recognize Coba by the color orange. It's that easy.

Want to know more about the production of Coba products?

Then watch the movie below. Easy enough


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Address: Keesomstraat 9

Postal Code: 6717 AH

Place: Ede

T: 088-8118800

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Coba is the brand of tile adhesive

Are you looking for a top quality tile adhesive at a fair price? Then choose Coba.

Because Coba is all convenience. Depending on your job, you can choose from a very compact, but complete range of powder glue and paste glue. There are tile adhesives for both indoor and outdoor use and for special applications.

To make tiling easier, we also have floor leveling mortars, a leveling mortar and primers. With our grouts and tile cleaner you can finish every job perfectly. It can also be used in advance as a degreaser.


Powder glue floors

  • low dust

More information

CTA 100


Powder glue universal and economical

  • for all the usual

More information

CTA 130


CTA 160

Middle bed adhesive white

  • low dust

More information


Powder glue floor and wall

  • low dust

More information

CTA 110


CTA 140

Powder glue lightweight

  • low dust

More information


CTA 170

Powder glue extra fast

  • low dust

More information


Powder glue Moisture & frost resistant

  • low dust

More information

CTA 120


CTA 150

Powder glue instant glue

  • low dust

More information


CTA 190

Powder glue silo quickly


More information

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