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Daloc Netherlands BV

Daloc for housing projects

For several years we have been active on the Dutch market with stylish models that are ideally suited for renovation, transformation and new construction projects.

Complete set with unique features

Our door-frame combinations are made of steel, are damage-resistant, do not warp and close out cold, drafts, fire, smoke, moisture and unpleasant smells. Daloc doors can be adapted as desired to the detailing of the other frames.

Total costs fully transparent

In terms of price, Daloc is comparable to a (regular) wooden door/frame/lock/sill combination. In fact, there are fewer failure costs, fewer burglaries take place and less maintenance is required. This means a cost saving; you increase your chance of a higher return. 

Safety and comfort:

  • Burglary resistant (SKG3)

  • Fire resistant (30 minutes)

  • Soundproofing (38db – 50db set value)

  • Heat insulating (airtightness class 4)

  • Design (Scandinavian)



daloc logo klein.jpg

Address: Cruijckelcreke 37

Postal code: 4491 PS

Place: Wissenkerke

T: 0113 - 376 444

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