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De Groot Vroomshoop

We have been consciously building with wood since 1927. Ahead of the future.
De Groot introduced prefab building in series and thus started his life's work. Now we build circularly. And what's next?
We are where the market needs us. Building for future generations. Make the world that we have on loan together a little more beautiful every day ...

We are healthy!

De Groot Vroomshoop is a healthy company. We have been declared Financially Healthy with a Graydon Award, a responsible and pleasant business partner who takes work off your hands and keeps agreements. We are a vital part of VolkerWessels .

Cut from the right stuff

De Groot Vroomshoop is a consciously socially responsible entrepreneur. That goes much further than a good interpretation and connection of the 3 Ps. Of course we perform well with this, but that can be expected of us. We added Proud and Pleasure to that. You should enjoy what you do. This benefits productivity and creativity. And be proud of our company, our work, partnerships and relationships and the products and concepts we all stand for. Would you like to know how colleagues experience working at De Groot Vroomshoop? They are happy to tell you!


de groot vroomshoop.jpg

Address: Zwolsekanaal 36

Postal Code: 7681 ED

Place: Vroomshoop

T: 0546-666 333

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