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Decode 3d walls


At decoden, we consider ourselves one of the experts in the field of decorative 3D wall panels wallcovering. We constantly strive to introduce new innovative products to the Dutch market. We mainly supply to trade and design studios, but of course also to individual customers.

3D plaster wall panels are an economical and above all aesthetically attractive solution for any interior. You can take an individual and creative approach to the design of your own home by combining and painting panels to your taste. The material from which the wall panels are made is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful substances. 3D plaster wall panels are not only an elegant solution, but also an additional source of sound and heat insulation, they are also resistant to up to 25 layers of paint and have a service life of up to 60 years.

Decoden works with architects and interior designers to bring their artistic flair to life and bring their clients' homes to life. Design experience and passion for materials drive us to be the best on the market. All our products are 100% Bespoke and Handcrafted for a guaranteed quality.

We offer an extensive range of different 3D plaster wall panels perfect for any interior. The scope of our services includes the supply of materials and professional installation at your location. The company's production capacity also makes it possible to produce for large projects. Customers emphasize the trust in us and we in turn confirm our professionalism and stability in cooperation.


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Address: Cruquiuszoom 116

Postal code: 2142 EW

Place: Cruquius

T: 020 23 95 609

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