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DRT floors


DRT Vloeren is a family business specialized in seamless floor finishes. DRT works in design environments (business design floors and consumer floors) as well as in technical environments.

The history

DRT has been around for some time now. DRT stands for Dobbelsteen Renovatie Techniek, set up by Jan Dobbelsteen. From his strong belief in “the renovation products of the future” as he called his imported cement-based leveling systems from Sweden at the time. The roots of DRT lie in the introduction of these innovative products on the Dutch market.

Innovation has always remained the hallmark within DRT; we lead the way. Whether this takes place within the design market where we already installed the first cast floor in a living room in 1987, we are the first party in the Benelux with our own solution-oriented DRT SOS (Service, Maintenance and Damage Repair) department that works for the entire ( plastic) cast floors industry or whether we invent a new ultra-thin concrete layer for a large industrial customer. DRT innovates and pioneers! We are at the basis of many developments; in fact, you often stand on that basis!


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Address: Randmeer 6

Postal Code: 5347 JW

Place: Oss

T: 0412–642588

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There are many practical reasons for choosing cast floors. They have no seams, are easy to keep clean and can be perfectly installed in combination with underfloor heating and even over existing floors. We supply a perfectly fitting cast floor for every interior, from living room, kitchen to bedroom and bathroom, a cast floor always fits. Whether you opt for a rural traditional effect or a modern sleek look, the effect of a cast floor in your home is breathtaking.

Flooring for your home


DRT offers several cast floor systems that are extremely suitable for applications within a retail environment. Characteristics such as easy maintenance, resistance to high loads and a sustainable character contribute to satisfied customers. Areas of application are shops, showrooms and galleries.

The floors can take a beating and withstand high loads. If desired, there are versions with an anti-slip finish so that your floor is also safe in wet weather. The floor systems can be used over uneven surfaces in renovation situations. We can renovate within very short lead times and thus make your building more sustainable. It is also extremely easy and simple to keep clean.

Flooring for retail



Very durable floor for offices, with high sound attenuation. DRT offers several cast floor systems for areas with high requirements in terms of wear resistance and durability. We have floor solutions for every budget and no less important: the maintenance costs are demonstrably up to 25% lower than linoleum. Our cast floor systems are ideal for renovating your office, which significantly reduces the lead time of renovation and also reduces the demolition costs . We are happy to inform you about the extensive possibilities!

Flooring for office


Within the healthcare sector, particularly high demands are made on hygiene and sustainability. Our cast floor systems can meet these requirements. Simple and quick renovation over existing linoleum floors is also possible, as well as coatings with antibacterial properties. We understand your wish and are happy to think along!

Flooring for healthcare

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