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Building the future as Elevate

Since 2021, Firestone Building Products is part of the Holcim Group. In June 2022, the iconic brand name 'Firestone roof systems' also made way for the new brand name 'Elevate™'. Firestone Building Products has been part of Holcim since last year. This pioneer in building solutions offers an extensive range of sustainable building solutions that make the world greener and smarter. As an innovative company, Firestone Building Products is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of rubber roofing and waterproofing systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. We have been marketing these systems under a new brand name since June of this year: Elevate™.

Continue to build on a strong legacy

“Over the past 40 years, Firestone Building Products has built a solid reputation as a pioneer and leading player in the commercial roofing industry. Since last year, we combine the strong legacy of Firestone Building Products with Holcim's focus on accelerated and sustainable growth," said Jamie Gentoso, Global Head of Solutions and Products at Holcim. “With a strong brand like Elevate™, we are now entering a new period of growth. We are determined to contribute to our customers' success with a rigorous focus on advanced solutions, high quality and innovation.”

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Same people

Our people don't change. Our representatives and distribution networks will continue to provide the same superior customer service and product support.

The same products

Our products do not change. RubberGard™ EPDM, UltraPly™ TPO, ISOGARD™ insulation and the other products in our range remain the same.

Same standards

Our standards do not change. The high-quality solutions, strict licensing and industry-leading warranties – they're all still there for you.


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Would you like more information about the specifications of your roof system?

Contact our advisor Eddy Harthorn!


Eddie Harthorn

Business Development Manager Netherlands

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FIRESTONE ROOFING For a durable and weather-resistant sealing of your roof

Firestone Building Products has built up a solid reputation over the past decades as a manufacturer of EPDM rubber membranes. Firestone EPDM membranes are regarded worldwide as the roofing material par excellence for the durable sealing of slightly pitched and flat roofs. For residential as well as commercial and industrial buildings. For new construction and roof renovation. Thanks to their unprecedented durability and flexibility, they lend themselves to a wide variety of applications.




The Firestone RubberGard EPDM roofing system is based on the extremely durable EPDM rubber membrane. Behind the development of this roof foil is a century of experience in rubber technology. This EPDM roofing therefore guarantees a perfect sealing of your flat roof. It is also compatible with extensive green roofs and the installation of solar panels.

Firestone Building Products does not only offer the RubberGard EPDM foil(in various sizes and thicknesses), but also a complete range of accessories.

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