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Address: Industrieweg 5

Postal code: 3641 RK

Place: Mijdrecht

T: 0297 232 233

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Esdec has been supplying universal mounting systems for roof-based PV installations on flat and pitched roofs since 2004. With more than 15 years of experience and more than 7GW of installed solar panels, we are now the international market leader.


Esdec was founded by installers. User-friendliness for the installer is always paramount in the design of our products. Our mounting systems consist of light, sturdy components that are quick and easy to assemble.


We think it is important that all our products are in line with the latest technological developments. That is why we bundle international expertise and continuously invest in innovation and R&D. Our mounting systems have been extensively tested and meet the strictest safety requirements.



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 Solar panels are popular. The installed capacity in the Netherlands is growing and that growth will continue in the coming years. This increases the chance that you will have to go up to the roof more often to install. If you regularly install solar panels, it is nice to have a universal mounting system that allows you to get the job done easily and reliably.


ClickFit EVO; universal and fast

Esdec developed ClickFit EVO especially for the professional solar installer. The mounting system consists of 4 components with which you can mount all common solar panels on any tiled roof. Due to its unique properties, it is possible to install this mounting system twice as fast.


Confirmation of your choice; hooks or screws

With the ClickFit EVO hook and click technique you can easily, quickly and safely install solar panels on a tiled roof. Met de  ClickFit  EVO  Dakhaak  hoef je niet meer te boren_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ in the roof construction and the roof construction of the end user remains completely intact. The universally adjustable roof hook fits all roof tile/batten combinations and the well thought-out water barrier prevents leakage in a smart way.


Do you prefer screws?

Then use the ClickFit EVO Raft Hook. This uses a hook with a wider top plate, which you screw onto a rafter, rein or roof boarding. This makes you flexible in placing and screwing  of the truss hook. You can also use the Clickfit EVO Roof Hook and Truss Hook together within one project.


Flexible and easy mounting

When you get started with Clickfit EVO, one tool is enough. The revolutionary hook and click technique makes other tools superfluous. Thanks to the smart design of this innovative mounting system, you can place the panels both horizontally and vertically.

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ClickFit EVO Steel roof: universal, fast and flexible

ClickFit EVO Steel Roof has been specially developed for the solar installer. The system is clear and consists of only four components. ClickFit EVO Steel Roof is suitable for all common solar panels and any type of steel roof. Thanks to the unique universal properties, the system is very flexible and quick to install.

Compact mounting profiles including adapter profile

The compact Clickfit EVO Steel roof mounting profiles have pre-punched holes and a pre-glued EPDM rubber. That saves you a lot of preliminary work. The Optimizer ready profile (landscape) is provided with a notch, so that you can easily align it on the roof. As a result, you no longer need to apply correction dimensions during installation. You can choose from a low and high mounting profile: • With the low 'Basic' mounting profile you position the solar panels close to the roof. • The high 'Optimizer ready' mounting profile leaves enough free space to mount all available large optimizers under the panels.


For trapezoidal and corrugated steel roof

ClickFit EVO Steel roof mounting profiles are suitable for any type of trapezoidal and corrugated steel roof (for landscape in combination with the adapter profile). You attach the mounting profiles directly to the trapezoidal or corrugated steel roof, vertically with a landscape setup and horizontally with a portrait setup.


Suitable for optimizer placement

The high 'Optimizer ready' mounting profile is suitable for placing large optimizers under the panel. Lightweight system prevents leakage The EPDM rubbers on the profiles guarantee watertightness. You mount the profiles with the self-tapping screw, without pre-drilling. You can also mount the profiles with blind rivets by pre-drilling with 6.5 mm. This application is also many times lighter than a rail system.

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ClickFit EVO Corrugated sheet roof: easy & fast

ClickFit EVO Corrugated Sheet Roof has been specially developed for the application of the well-known ClickFit EVO system on corrugated sheet roofs, which are often found in the agricultural sector, for example. The system is clear and consists of only 4 components. The mounting system can be used on both existing roofs and new roofs. Thanks to the unique universal properties, the system is very quick and easy to install.



The ClickFit EVO mounting bracket ensures that the roof is also 100% watertight after installation. The mounting bracket is attached to the roofing sheet screws in the purlin. The mounting bracket fits exactly on the wave of the roof and is supported in the valleys. This ensures a uniform force distribution and a minimum pressure load and contributes to the robustness of the system. ClickFit EVO for corrugated roof has been extensively tested and comes with a 20-year warranty. This guarantees the quality of the system and provides the security that is required.


Approved by Eternit

ClickFit EVO for corrugated sheet roof has passed a series of quality tests, which have been drawn up in a unique collaboration with testing institute KIWA and corrugated sheet producer Eternit. With this, Esdec proves that PV installations on fiber cement corrugated sheet roofs can be installed in a safe and reliable manner. Eternit roof owners can use the ClickFit EVO mounting bracket for PV installations without any problems: the corrugated sheet roof is spared, remains watertight and retains its lifespan.

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