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Gerco fire prevention

Our business processes are aimed at making buildings fireproof. Gerco is the reliable service provider for all target groups when it comes to realizing the right measures to make and keep buildings fire-resistant. We believe that every detail counts. Due to the high quality requirements that we set for our products and working method, Gerco always delivers a guaranteed and certified solution.

Gerco operates at various levels: as a technical advisor, designer, innovator, maintenance expert, project coordinator and knowledge transferor. We unburden you in the entire field of fire resistance and fire safety and are able to offer our customers the right solution every time.


Would you like to know more about our working method, our fire-resistant products or do you have another question? Then contact us without obligation. Send an email to , fill in the contact form or call 0182 - 38 35 77.


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Address: Lady's Mantle 5

Zip Code: 2871 NJ

Place: Schoonhoven

T: 0182-383577

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The Protecta FR board consists of a stone wool core with a high density and is treated on one or two sides with a fire-retardant paint. With the Protecta FR board it is easy to seal larger recesses. In this way, a fire-resistant and smoke-tight finish to adjacent rooms is guaranteed.

The FR board has been tested on all types of feedthroughs in almost all types of constructions and can be combined with the other Protecta products, such as: Cable Transit, Collar and Pipe Wrap. The product is suitable for use in various walls, such as concrete, bricks, masonry, steel, wood and plaster.


Protecta® EX Mortar is a mortar that in hardened form prevents the spread of fire and smoke when penetrating into flexible walls, walls and floor constructions.

Protecta® EX Mortar expands approximately 1% during curing and thus ensures that openings in walls and floors are perfectly sealed. Protecta® EX Mortar is specially designed to obtain good adhesion, so that a good seal can be obtained in a simple way. The product has been tested in various types of constructions and can be excellently combined with the Protecta® Cable Transit, -Collar and -Pipe Wrap in walls and floors.

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Protecta® FR Acrylic is a fire resistant sealant that is suitable for fire and smoke resistant sealing of small openings around penetrations, seams and joints in walls and floors. Protecta® FR Acrylic has a very wide range of applications and is fire-resistant up to 240 minutes.

Protecta FR Acrylic is a fire-resistant paste based on acrylic for fire-resistant sealing of openings around cable trays, pipe and cable penetrations and for (mutual) gluing of Protecta FR Board. Both products combined deliver the best fire-resistant properties on the market.


Protecta® FR Collar is used around plastic pipes (PVC, PP, ABS and PE) and ensures that the recesses are quickly and efficiently sealed fire-resistant in the event of a fire, due to the strong expanding capacity when heat is released.

The steel frame contains a graphite-containing material that expands very strongly when heated. The expanded material completely seals the opening in case of fire. The collar can be mounted on a wall as well as on a floor.

Available in the following sizes: Ø55mm, Ø82mm, Ø110mm, Ø125mm, Ø160mm, Ø200mm, Ø250mm and Ø315mm



Protecta® FR Graphite is a graphite-based heat foaming and insulating sealant for fire-resistant sealing of recesses around cable and (plastic) pipe penetrations. This kit prevents the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire through fire-resistant walls and floors. Protecta® FR Graphite is fire resistant up to 240 minutes.

The material can be used in more extreme situations than with FR Acrylic, for example in cable trays (EI 180) and plastic pipes (Ø110mm). Protecta FR Graphite closes openings if flammable or melting materials have already been burned at a low temperature. Protecta FR Graphite is designed to seal hard-to-reach seals, such as large plastic pipes.

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Protecta® FR Pipewrap is a graphite-based tape that expands strongly in the event of fire, with foaming components, for sealing an opening in a softened plastic pipe and / or pipe insulation in the event of fire.

Protecta® FR Pipewrap consists of a plastic-wrapped graphite-like swelling material that reacts to heat. The Protecta® FR Pipewrap can be used for plastic pipes (PVC, PP, PE ABS and Alupex), with or without insulation. It can be used excellently in combination with the Protecta FR board.

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