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Address: Kabelweg 21

Postal Code: 1014 BA

Place: Amsterdam

T: 020-5829111


A prominent contributor to various branches in the industry

Geveke is an industrial service provider based in Amsterdam. The activities consist of advising, supplying, commissioning and maintaining a wide range of technical, industrial (capital) goods, services and services. Products and services that are essential for users in and around their production processes or activities. That is why Geveke focuses on technical maintenance and service.

The Geveke organization consists of various sales groups, each of which has a product range and market approach tailored to the customer groups. The products are obtained from specialized, internationally renowned manufacturers and are supported by our own service organization. In this interplay, the Geveke employees are an indispensable link between the customers on the one hand and the principals on the other.

Geveke, we keep industry running!

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