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HM design sanitary

HM designsanitair, agent and importer of the Italian design brands Edoné and Geda, would like to remain exclusive and therefore does not sell through wholesalers or the internet. Anyone looking for a design faucet or furniture for the bathroom or kitchen does business through the dealer network or the architect.

You will not find our products on every corner of the street, 'says director Hans Maassen. We sell sanitary ware that is different from what is available on average. Of course there is a lot of standard sanitary facilities on the market, but that does not warm or cold an architect in terms of design.

Edoné and Geda, on the other hand, are fed by designers who are constantly at the forefront. You will not find these designs anywhere else and that is exactly what we are committed to. '


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Address: Watermanstraat 106

Postal Code: 7324 AK

Place: Apeldoorn

T: 0316 - 24 62 46

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Edoné is one of the major players in bathroom design in Italy. For Edoné it is important that aesthetics and functionality go together in the design of the bathroom and therefore the best materials are used. This keeps
in the best quality wood and that the 330 possible colors are sprayed on the basis of water-based lacquer. This was chosen because it will result in better quality in the long term, but also out of respect for the environment and the health of our own people. Edoné furniture is handmade, which means that it is possible to produce to measure. Customization is therefore an important distinguishing factor for Edoné in addition to the very extensive range.

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Radomonte, a brand name created by Geda, is an Italian brand that designs designer faucets and accessories for the bathroom in stainless steel. Elegant and refined designs, unique due to the character of stainless steel. A material with several
qualities: ecological, hygienic and extremely corrosion resistant. Radomonte's stainless steel taps and accessories for the bathroom, are distinguished by a contemporary and minimalist style, suitable for both modern environments
like the classic interior. Radomonte uses AISI 316L stainless steel, a grade that, thanks to its low carbon content, has an even stronger resistance to the aggression of salts and chlorides. Geda's production is completely environmentally friendly and there
uses advanced technologies for energy saving. All this for the protection of water resources
and the future of our planet.


Geda next page

Geda nextage is a brand name of Geda. It forms the basis of Geda with various lines of taps in chrome and brushed nickel. These faucets are also available in different colors.

All Geda products have an extended 5-year warranty on mechanical parts, other than the legal 2 years. Products with the Eco Energy System label even have an extended warranty of 10 years.

The products with this quality mark meet high environmental requirements. Protecting the environment is a very important goal for Geda.

Radomonte style for a journey from soul to harmony!


Shower heads, shower trays and shower columns in stainless steel with different wellness functions: from the relaxation of the cascading jets and the atomization, to the emotional experience of the color therapy baths. The refined wellness line from Radomonte offers beauty in form and the efficiency of technology.

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