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Today, textile air distribution systems are used almost everywhere, from industrial buildings to sports halls, offices, laboratories, in the food industry and many other areas where a good indoor climate is a requirement.

A textile air duct is a round, semicircular or quarter round air duct made of lightweight textile instead of, for example, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium, designed for the supply and distribution of cooled or heated air.

Textile air ducts are very suitable for an efficient, even and draught-free distribution of air-conditioned air.


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KE Fibertec comfort


Good indoor climate for areas with high comfort requirements such as offices, congress halls, concert halls, sound studios, canteens, schools, nurseries, etc.

KE-fibertec Laboratoria


Distributing large volumes of air with minimal noise production in work areas such as VAV fume hoods, the pharmaceutical industry, dust-free areas, research laboratories, etc.

KE-Fibertec Sport en Recreatie

Sports and recreation

Very energy-efficient solutions for the ever-changing ventilation requirements in sports halls, fitness rooms, shooting ranges, swimming pools, ice rinks, etc.

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Ensures that employees receive air-conditioned air without drafts in light or heavy industry, printing plants, factories, workshops, etc.

KE-Fibertec Voedselindustrie

Food industry

No problems with condensation, no growth of micro-organisms in KE Fibertec's specially woven materials for warehouses, terminals, very high warehouses, etc.

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