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Address: Van Salmstraat 76

Postal Code: 5281 RS

Place: Boxtel

T: 0411 653 111


In the Netherlands, Legrand Nederland BV serves the market of residential and non-residential construction, machine and panel builders and industry. Whether it concerns switching and distribution equipment, data networks, cable support systems or switching equipment; the innovative systems of Legrand Nederland BV are optimally coordinated with each other and can therefore be installed easily, safely and quickly.

Legrand Nederland BV has five A-brands in the Netherlands (Van Geel, Legrand, Cablofil, BTicino and Planet Wattohm), together good for 12,000 items. Legrand Nederland BV offers you the following benefits: reliability, good advice, wide range and time savings.

Strategic focus divided into 7 divisions

A complete range for the residential, utility and industrial market with more than 250,000 references divided into more than 90 product families.

  • User interface: switchgear, door communication, home automation

  • Energy distribution: switching and distribution equipment, busbar trunking, transformers

  • Building systems: lighting management, emergency lighting, alarm installation

  • Cable management: cable support systems for ceiling, wall and floor

  • Digital infrastructures: data communication systems, data center solutions

  • UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Installations components: installation materials, industrial plugs, power sources

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