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Lightway Netherlands

Lightway daylight tube for pleasant daylight everywhere in the house

A Lightway daylight tube or daylight system transports real daylight to any desired room in the house, without using electricity. We feel better and healthier through a real daylight experience.


Every building has them, the dark places with little daylight far from windows or skylights. The dark staircase, that corner in the living room that is not used due to a lack of light or the poorly lit indoor rooms without windows such as a bathroom, walk-in closet, toilet or cellar.

Lightway offers the solution with its daylight tubes and illuminates dark places with real daylight without the use of electrical lighting. The technique of daylight guidance was already used by the ancient Egyptians to illuminate spaces deep in the pyramids. With innovative technology and high-quality products, Lightway has perfected the daylight tube. And you reap the benefits of a daylight system with optimum brightness, even on cloudy days.


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Address: Dr. Welfferweg 21 B

Postal Code: 3615 AK

Place: Westbroek

T: 0346-769098


lightway crystal daglichtsystemen 200HP, 300HP, 400HP,600HP

Lightway Crystal series

Lightway Crystal Daylight tubes. A dome of Bohemian crystal, a fixed mirror tube (with evaporated silver and silicon) and a light diffuser of sodium-potassium glass.

The Crystal series consists of four models:

Lightway Crystal 200 HP

Suitable for illuminating small spaces, such as a toilet or one that people usually walk through, a corridor, small entrance and closet space. Even during the cloudy winter months, the 200HP brings in enough light for spatial orientation under semi-cloudy conditions.

Lightway Crystal 300 HP

Suitable for illuminating hall areas, bathrooms, toilets and storage areas. In the kitchen, the HP300 can be used excellently to illuminate the counter or worktop with daylight. They provide sufficient daylight, even during cloudy winter days.

Lightway Crystal 400 HP

Suitable for illuminating a dark corner in the living room or an extension, larger hall areas or stairwells and toilets and bathrooms. This model is also good for bringing in sufficient daylight for work and reading areas, above desks, the dining table or the sofa.

Lightway Crystal 600 HP

The Lightway Crystal series has been expanded with an even larger version, the Lightway Crystal 600HP Ø 52cm.

lightway 600 SILVER daglichsysteem

Lightway Silver series

Lightway has developed the Silver series especially for larger projects and commercial buildings. With the 800, Lightway brings one of the largest diameters of daylight tubes on the market.

Lightway Silver 600

The LW600 provides a generous amount of daylight, even on a cloudy winter day, intended for workplaces where you want to read and work without using electric light during the day. Very suitable for retail spaces, offices, high stairwells in homes or to illuminate the workplaces in kitchens. Even in winter, the light does not have to be switched on during the day.

Also suitable for large bathrooms, where women especially appreciate them for applying make-up in daylight and thus knowing what the colors look like outside. The LW600 is also very efficient for long distance tubing, up to 20 meters from the dome.

Lightway Silver 800

Made for high daylight values in buildings in all weather conditions and seasons. For offices, shops and healthcare. Effective daylighting in factory halls, warehouses and department stores. Very high performance in cloudy winter weather. In homes, the LW800 is used to illuminate swimming pools, large living areas or kitchens where a lot of daylight is required. They are also very effective for high ceilings and the daylight tube length can be up to 30 meters using multiple bends.

Free daylight advice from Lightway!

Ask for free daylight advice to get a good idea of ​​the daylight yield in your situation. We are happy to help you, without obligation, in selecting the right daylight systems for your situation and daylight requirements.

The light output of a daylight system depends on various factors: the location of the dome (location on the roof or in the facade), seasonal and weather conditions and various factors in the space to be illuminated.

Wondering which Lightway model you need? View it here in the overview.

Light tubes

Een Lightway light tube transporteert écht daglicht naar elke gewenste ruimte in huis, zonder gebruik van elektriciteit.


Lightway maakt haar daglichtsystemen geschikt voor de hoogste isolatie-eisen voor de duurzame en energiezuinige bouw.


Kies de juiste tekening op basis van uw Lightway model Crystal of Silver, uw daksituatie en uw isolatie-situatie.

A Lightway light tube transports real daylight to any desired room in the house, without using electricity.

Lightway makes its daylight systems suitable for the highest insulation requirements for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Choose the correct drawing based on your Lightway model Crystal or Silver, your roof situation and your insulation situation.


Dr. Welfferweg 21 B,
3615 AK Westbroek (near Utrecht)
+31 (0) 346 769 098
Chamber of Commerce: 54657512
VAT: NL851389880B01

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