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Address: Keurweg 123

Postal Code: 5145 NX

Place: Waalwijk

T: 0594 515 080


Welcome to the unique
world of Mozawall®

Mozawall® is made of plastic wall panels that each consist of hundreds of different colors of mosaic stones, with which an image according to your own design becomes visible as a mosaic tile shape.

The mosaic wall panels are glued to the wall and these mosaic wall tiles are joined like normal tiling. Mozawall® can be glued well over existing tile work thanks to its panels of only 1.5 to 3.5 mm thickness. And therefore ideal for tile renovation in bathroom, swimming pool, dressing room, etc.

The end result can hardly be distinguished from traditional Italian glass mosaic. The patented mosaic wall panel system is waterproof, vandal-proof, non-breakable and above all offers limitless creative and atmospheric possibilities according to your own design and design.



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