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Niko makes your home beautiful and functional

Niko understands that a building is just a collection of bricks, windows and other elements until it becomes yours. And that it really becomes your home, your home when you add your own accents and personality.

We realize that everyone has their own idea of what their home should look like. And how it should work for them. If you are looking for intuitive and useful technology that works, you should definitely take a look at what Niko can do for you. Because with Niko you have complete control over your home, every time.


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Address: Schorsweg 4

Postal Code: 8171 ME

Place: Vaassen

T: 0 88-0159600



Home automation

With Niko Home Control, your home does all the work. And completely the way you want it. Feel safer. Consume less. Enjoy more.

If you choose Niko Home Control, you know that you are opting for a flexible, reliable and high-quality automation system that can be installed in any home and expanded at any time.

Switches and sockets

Niko has a cast-iron reputation for quality, safety and reliability.

Every switch and every outlet is tested and tested again until we are sure they will last 30 years in normal daily use.

But it is just as important that with Niko you bring a timeless design into your home that you can enjoy for years to come.


The Niko detectors see everything

Do you want the light to switch on automatically when you enter somewhere? Or does it light up less when it is light enough outside? Leave that to our detectors.

With a handful of detectors in the right places, you can turn your home - or professional building - into a place where you feel safe, comfortable and productive, while also saving a lot of energy.

Light and lighting control

Lighting is more than just turning the light on and off.

With Niko's lighting control, you can adjust and optimally illuminate any room. The result is customized lighting, more comfort, a safer environment and serious energy savings.

For every building, from home to office, school, hotel, bed & breakfast or hospital.


You decide who you let in

With Niko's solutions for door communication you can see who is at the door, without having to open the door.

Niko has both digital and analog video solutions and analog audio solutions, which are easy to use, look good and last a long time.

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