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For more than twenty years, Nophadrain has been implementing its philosophy of 'use the space' with the development and production of smart systems for furnishing utility roofs. We play an important role in providing advice and are closely involved in the implementation. In addition to our utility roof systems, we produce the professional GARDLINER Edge Closure Systems for the home gardener and we grow a wide variety of high-quality sedum vegetation at our own Sedum nursery Sedumdirect.


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Address: Mercuriusstraat 10

Postal Code: 6468 ER

Place: Kerkrade

T: 045-5355030

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Nophadrain utility roof systems


Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System

The ideal system for installing a maintenance-friendly extensive green roof with sedum, herbs and grasses. Suitable for flat and pitched roofs.


The standard Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System


One complete system

Our intensive green roof systems are supplied complete - from root-resistant foil to the vegetation-bearing layer. It is the sustainable system for creating full-fledged gardens and park landscapes on roofs with trees, shrubs, lawns and water features.

The heart of the Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System is formed by het ND 4+1h Drainage system on roll. This multifunctional CE-marked drainage system with a high compressive strength protects the roof covering against the accumulation of water and, in combination with de ND WSM-50 Water Reservoir Plates, at the same time water (40 l/m²) for dry periods. In addition, the ND 4+1h Drainage System in combination with the ND TSF-100 Slip and Protective Film protects the roofing system against mechanical loads.


The standard Nophadrain Terrace roof system


One complete system

The heart of the Nophadrain Terrace Roof System is formed by het ND 220 Drainage System on roll. This pressure-stable multifunctional CE-marked drainage system prevents moisture from being trapped under the applied pavement.

In this way, the surface of the pavement remains free of cement residue and discolouration. Furthermore, the ND 220 Drainage System prevents the occurrence of frost damage due to freezing of the subsoil and thus ensures a stable subsoil for the pavement. In addition, the ND 220 Drainage System prevents the build-up of water pressure against the roofing system. The drainage system is fitted with a pressure-distributing foil at the bottom, which, in combination with de ND TGF-20 Separating and Gliding Oil, the roofing system protects against mechanical loads.


The standard Nophadrain Roof Parking System


One complete system

Thanks to the extremely high compressive strength of the Nophadrain Parking Roof Systems, they are not only suitable for passenger cars, but even for emergency and rescue services and heavy freight traffic.

The heart of the Nophadrain Parking Roof Systems consists of the pressure stable ND 620 Drainage System (for passenger cars) or het ND 620hd Drainage System (for emergency services and truck traffic). These drainage systems prevent the build-up of water pressure against the roofing system. They protect the roofing system in combination with de ND TSF-100 Sliding and Protective Film against the occurring static and dynamic traffic loads.

The ND 620 / ND 620hd Drainage Systems ensure proper drainage of water from the foundation layer and prevent freezing and rutting of the element pavement. They therefore provide a stable and durable surface for the element paving. The Nophadrain Roof Parking Systems have been subjected to long-term practical dynamic load tests by the Technical University of Munich (D).

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