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Family bond as the basis
Omnicol has been a family business since its foundation in 1956. That has its advantages. Values that are often ignored these days are firmly anchored in the company. Think of doing what you promise and customer focus. We are known as a reliable partner that works solution-oriented. This is done from the head office in Weelde (Belgium), which also houses production and R&D. The products find their way to the customer from the sales offices in Ham (Belgium), Hedel (the Netherlands) and Morocco. The flat organizational structure guarantees short lines of communication and quick answers.

Offering solutions for the professional bonding of building materials is our strength. Bathrooms, swimming pools and hospitals, among others, are expertly finished with our products as a connecting link between the k
al substrate and the aesthetic finish. In addition, we offer powerful solutions for bonding bricks for exterior facades. Strong constructions with minimal joints are the result. The sleek appearance is emphasized by the variety of color mixtures. Continuous innovation is the basis. This is how our products also find their way to the prefab industry.


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Address: Baronieweg 12 D

Postal Code: 5321 JW

Place: Hedel

T: 073-5992925

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The developed systems “BRICKLINE” - “AQUALINE” - “PROLINE” demonstrate our systematic approach. Each 'line' is tailored to a specific application or product. Loud and clear.

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Questions about the cladding of insulated facade systems, so that a brick appearance is created? Bonding ceramic materials and natural stone against facades or covering concrete lintels? Brickline is the collection of our knowledge and expertise about solutions that contribute to making buildings more sustainable during renovation and transition.


Do you want to comply with building regulations, increase the lifespan of shower and bath rooms or run no risks at all? Have a choice between good, better, best? With Aqualine you can opt for systems with a waterproofing guarantee of up to 10 years, so that a choice always fits your wishes, requirements and budget.


Proline is the recognizable designation of those products that are part of the various system-based approaches that we offer. With Proline you opt for quality coupled with advice, guidance and warranty. Choosing products from the Proline series means choosing security and unburdening.


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