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Address: Virulyweg 1

Postal Code: 7602 RG

Place: Almelo

T: 0546 - 850 466

PAM Gallery and balcony enhancement BV

Improving accessibility is what PAM stands for

Differences in level, thresholds and unevenness on a gallery? With PAM System Construction you get rid of those inconveniences and make the gallery, house or balcony easily accessible for people who have difficulty walking, walk with a walker, are in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. PAM lifts the gallery or balcony quickly and efficiently and residents are hardly affected by the construction. Free of walk-in waste and can be walked on immediately. With this system you also meet all applicable requirements for skid resistance, fire safety and smoke development in the event of a fire. The finish has been designed in detail and can be supplied in many colors. The increase is therefore also an aesthetic improvement.

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