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Intercom door telephony

PortaDial offers a solution for every situation. Our intercom systems can be connected to any hosted platform and any type of telephone exchange, both SIP/IP and analogue. All PortaDial intercom systems are robust, molest-resistant and easy to install. The appearance of the door phones varies from industrial and tough to elegant and chic. The intercom systems are developed and produced in-house. In addition to the standard series, we can offer customized solutions. Our products are delivered through resellers.

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PortaDial door intercom

A door intercom is indispensable for many companies. The increasing attention to safety means that door intercoms are increasingly the first point of contact with the customer. They give an idea of who is at the door in advance. That is why it is important that the sound, any image and the operation of the door intercom is optimal. That's what PortaDial offers.

Series and customization

The market is increasingly asking for door intercoms with a SIP interface (VoIP). This allows the connection to be via the Internet and integrated video images are possible. PortaDial offers a range of four standard door intercom series. Door phones with camera, touchscreen or keypad, integrated interfaces and associated accessories, such as intercom columns and concrete bases. Meet our four series:

In addition is customization possible: we have a solution for every situation.

Universal door intercoms

PortaDial makes universal door intercoms. They can be applied to any central and hosted environment. Any type of connection is possible: analogue, SIP or GSM. The reception is optimal, on every type of device (smartphone, tablet, softphone or desk phone).


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Address: Garrisonstraat 1

Zip code: 5363 VX

Place: Velp N.Br.

T: 0486 - 47 88 99

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Standard door intercoms

The Basic series of door intercoms consists of a door intercom with a separate interface. These standard door intercoms have one or more push buttons and can be equipped with options, such as keypad and RFID card reader. They have an aluminum front as standard, but can also be fitted with a stainless steel front if required.


Door intercoms with touchscreen

The Touch series door intercoms are characterized by a glass touchscreen and a design look with a stainless steel edge. The door intercoms with touchscreen fit on any type of central and hosted platform. Connection on every device is possible via SIP, GSM or analogue.

Door intercoms with LCD screen

Unique to the LCD series door intercoms is that the door intercoms are equipped with a keypad and a navigation menu. The PortaDial LCD is available in both a horizontal and vertical version. The door intercoms with LCD screen are wider than the standard PortaDial door intercoms, because the LCD display is quite large with large letters. The horizontal PortaDial LCD also has a stainless steel front, the vertical version has an aluminum front.


Integrated door intercoms

The series of integrated door intercoms does not require a separate interface because the interface is integrated in the door intercom.  The intercoms with integrated interface are easy to install. They operate on a SIP or GSM basis (with an antenna and SIM card). Our latest model intercom with integrated interface is de PortaDial Elego, a SIP-based door phone with an exclusive look.


Contact details

PortaDial® Advitronics®

Garrison Street 1

5363 VX

Velp N.B.

0486 - 47 88 99


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