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Attention to acoustics

It is not pleasant to have a meeting, learning or presenting in a room where sound is fully reflected. Focus and concentration disappear like snow in the sun through the aforementioned cacophony. Just see how to keep going in such a situation, hardly anyone succeeds. Acoustics therefore have a major influence on the quality of a working and living space. And yet acoustics often seems to be neglected. Not at BREEDVELD. There, practical solutions for flexible room distribution and pleasant acoustics go hand in hand.

Each building with its different spaces and acoustic requirements deserves a different approach. When parties such as the architect and the interior specialist focus on acoustics together, you achieve a good result. If they opt for the solutions for BREEDVELD, it even becomes eerily quiet. Even in today's so popular industrial environments with concrete walls, ceilings and walls.

Emphasis on sound insulation With its mobile wall systems, BREEDVELD gets the best out of every space. The focus is not only on flexibility and acoustics, but also on sustainability, aesthetics, user-friendliness and customer satisfaction. This applies to all products: from a simple panel wall to an ingenious double-walled (smart) glass wall. BREEDVELD therefore not only provides flexible spaces where you can consult, study or present in peace, the company from Horssen also provides an aesthetically pleasing solution.

What does your ideal building or space look like? And how do you ensure that this building continues to comply in the coming decades? BREEDVELD has a wealth of experience in furnishing and making all kinds of spaces flexible. Think of the realization of an extra meeting room by flexibly furnishing part of the restaurant. This way you can talk or make a one-on-one phone call while your colleagues on the other side of the mobile wall catch up at the coffee machine.

Experienced player John van Kerkhof of BREEDVELD: "With our mobile wall systems, we create flexibility in space distribution in many branches. In healthcare environments, in education and in the office. We have completed thousands of projects over the past four decades. At BREEDVELD we understand that adjustments in a school, care or other work environment must run smoothly. That is why we always provide a permanent contact person, we only work with our own people and, if desired, the placement is realized during a holiday period. "

About BREEDVELD It goes without saying that the BREEDVELD walls have a high-quality appearance. However, much of the quality is not visible. This is hidden in the sophisticated mechanisms that run on solid and extensively tested material. The result: smoothly movable and stable walls with an unprecedented long life. Get inspired:

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