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ESC Ceramic facades new in NBS

PURE BEAUTY AND SAFETY FOR UNIQUE FACADES For decades, TONALITY ceramic facade panels have been synonymous with high quality, color fastness, frost resistance, long life and fire safety. Characteristic of these high-quality ceramic facade panels are the unique and varied color range with various surface structures, the special attractive joint patterns and efficient installation technology. Both in new construction and renovation, ventilated facades composed with TONALITY ceramic facade panels prove themselves to be a reliable solution with excellent structural properties. With TONALITY you create expressive buildings that are in harmony with their surroundings and protect the environment.

"A reliable solution from Tonality with excellent structural properties."

Usage advantages of the Tonality® ceramic facade

As an architect, you want the ceramic facade of the building you designed to give the look you had in mind at the drawing board. A building that forms a unity with the users but also with the environment. The ceramic facades of TONALITY® have a range of user benefits that we would like to present to you in a nutshell.

Aesthetic characteristics of the ceramic facade

Tonality® is an innovative facade system based on high-quality ceramic tiles. For example, we offer beautiful lines, an extensive color palette and a perfect finish, both for renovation and new construction. Also notable from a technical point of view is the ingenious, time-saving mounting system. Would you like more information? Or do you want to be inspired? Please contact us

Adres: Noorderbaan 14

Postcode: 8256 PR

Plaats: Biddinghuizen

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