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Functional, aesthetic and sustainable: the three main pillars of Espero, developer and producer of mobile wall systems with international allure. A conference in the afternoon, a theater performance in the evening. At the start of the day a meeting with the four of them, at the end of the day a drink with the entire department. Much more is possible thanks to the mobile walls of Espero. A place is created with more than one function and more than one atmosphere. With our products you can vary endlessly in function, sound insulation and appearance. One space, multiple destinations. That's Espero.

Cradle to Cradle "At Espero, we strive for circular production that is as healthy as possible. The Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification we received is proof of this. Every process - from product design and sales, to installation - has been scrutinized and refined if necessary. But this certificate also forces us to continue to innovate in a constantly changing world. Taking that extra step, that's what Espero stands for " - Jochem de Theye, Cradle to Cradle Ambassador

Sound insulation Separating spaces is not only about dividing square meters, it is also about dampening sound. Each mobile partition wall therefore has different sound insulation options. The so-called Rw values ​​of the mobile walls are measured in the independent laboratories of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. We are happy to help you better understand what those values ​​mean for your specific project. Our mobile walls are located in the most diverse locations and by combining that experience with scientific knowledge, we make this complex subject understandable for everyone.

Innovation Own Research & Development department We offer a solution for every space. To take care of that, we have our own R&D department. A place full of creative technicians with a passion for smart techniques and thoughtful details. They work in close consultation with technicians who come to the location, sales people who are looking for a solution for a customer and production employees with a smart idea. Our R&D team bites into every problem and will not let go until it is resolved.

Adres: Sluisweg 26-28

Postcode: 5145 PE

Plaats: Waalwijk

T: 0416-338955 E: W:

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