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Integra designs, produces, supplies and installs metal suspended ceilings and high-tech climate ceilings. If you are looking for an advanced ceiling system with cooling and heating technology that fits seamlessly into the design of your building, then choose Integra. Together with architects, we design ceilings for office buildings, airports and train stations worldwide. We do this according to the philosophy that through our performance we want to obtain the status of preferred supplier with every customer. Always with an eye for the immediate surroundings, sustainability, people and the environment.

Integra started in 2000 with the design, production and installation of suspended ceilings. In 2008, Integra further expanded the range with ceiling systems equipped with state-of-the-art cooling and heating technology. We provided the ceiling systems for ABN Amro, Microsoft, TNT, RAI Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg Airport, Tenerife, Schiphol and Oman, among others. From conventional construction to very modern and challenging architecture, from large surfaces to ingenious craftsmanship. In recent years, Integra has fitted buildings all over the world with ceiling systems.

We produce panels with an acoustic insert as standard and Integra can provide specific insulation provisions for explicit requirements. We test all our products according to DIN EN 20354 and DIN EN ISO 16554 standards. In addition, we perform Db and other test measurements with, among other things, an acoustic fleece, various perforations and (un) sealed insulation packages.

Our two internationally oriented business units Integra Metal Ceiling systems and Integra Climate Ceiling systems take care of the entire process for our clients from design to installation. Integra designs the ceiling systems and integrates them with lighting and air-technical components. We develop air-technical selections, lighting plans and calculations about the light intensity and other important elements for an optimal climate in the buildings. Are you looking for ceiling systems for the renovation, revitalization and new construction of town halls, hospitals, offices, airports, train stations or hotels? Then contact Integra.

Integra can be found under chapter 44 ceiling and wall systems, and on the extensive profile page on nbs building materials. The specification texts will soon be included in the NBS specification system, and they will also be available for download as PDF files from NBS building materials.

Adres: Rak 22

Postcode: 1551 NA

Plaats: Westzaan

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