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A revolution in the bathroomThe best quality and a perfectly thought-out design are available at D-Neo for an attractive entry-level price. The series outlasts trends and is the perfect companion for every day, every lifestyle and every walk of life. With his first bathroom series, the Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly proves his extraordinary flair for interior design.

Without being inferior, the components fit into any space. The clear design creates freedom and allows the development of individual style design elements that represent much more than just functionalities.

The diversity of D-Neo presents itself from washbasins, furniture and built-in washbasins to washbasins and top-mounted washbasins. The raised edge of the washbasins ensures a high recognition value. Asymmetrical solutions combined with matching base units become an eye-catcher due to the open shelves. The washbasins are available oval or round and thus underline the design diversity of D-Neo.

A highlight in this price segment is the freestanding bathtub made of DuraSolid® with a velvety look and feel, the shape of which is based on the oval countertop basin. With a length of only 1600 mm, it also perfectly sets the tone for small bathrooms.

In addition, built-in sanitary acrylic baths with a sloping back are available in five sizes. The built-in baths are also available as a whirl version for a special feel-good experience. Six flat water-air jets on the side wall provide a soothing massage effect.

The matching round mirrors from the Light + Mirror series provide pleasant illumination through indirect light. As a rectangular variant, the mirrors and mirror cabinets are fitted with an LED edge light field at the top and thus guarantee optimum illumination of the washroom.

Calm and expressive - the mixers also impress with their straight-lined, geometric design. The characteristically narrow, vertically placed handle runs through the entire line. For the first time, basin mixers with FreshStart function are also available. Initially, only cold water flows in the middle position. Hot water is only added when the user deliberately moves the lever to the left. The energy-intensive use of hot water is therefore only limited to when it is needed. With D-Neo, every bathroom can be individually designed with high-quality ceramics, furniture, a wide range of bathtubs and the matching tap range from D-Neo in the best quality and at an attractive price.

About Bertrand Lejoly Born in 1980, Bertrand Lejoly grew up in the German-speaking part of Belgium, where he was influenced by Belgian, German and French cultures from an early age. After studying at the École supérieure des arts Saint-Luc in Liège, he gained his first professional experience as an industrial designer in Germany. This was followed by Milan, where he worked for Matteo Thun as a senior designer for seven years. In 2013 he returned to Belgium and for many years led the design department of architect Vincent Van Duysen.

In 2018 Bertrand Lejoly opened his own design studio in Antwerp. For his creative work, he can draw on his many years of experience as a designer for architectural firms and use his deep knowledge of architecture and interior design to design the entire interior design: from furniture to lighting and from sanitary ware to crockery and accessories. Bertrand Lejoly describes his own style as refined simplicity. In his creations he succeeds in finding the perfect balance between expressiveness and an unobtrusive design language. This balance is also reflected in how well the objects designed by him fit into their environment. He is particularly interested in playing with elements anchored in the collective memory. This inspiration ensures that Lejolys designs timeless objects for everyday use. Bertrand Lejoly designed the new D-Neo series for Duravit, consisting of ceramics, furniture, bathtubs and faucets.

Adres: Ruwekampweg 2

Postcode: 5222 AT

Plaats: 's-Hertogenbosch

T: 073 613 1970 E: W:

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