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Window sill elements BV from Bladel has been gluing loose window sill stones into elements since 2002. Window sill elements are a good example of efficiency in construction that also results in higher quality and durability. Efficient, because brick by brick no longer has to be placed in the mortar by hand, but a full length can be laid in one go. Tighter and flatter than is usually possible with manual work. "There are still masons who can very accurately make a straight window sill, but then they take longer and it becomes too expensive," says director-owner Bart Tenbült. "At our factory, the individual sills are glued automatically and under the most favorable processing and working conditions, whereby we can control the process until the element has completely hardened. This reduces the chances of failure in the construction and therefore the costs. "


Why build separate window sills when you can assemble a complete window sill element in no time? And that is only one of the handful of advantages of prefab window sill elements. It is therefore not surprising that residential construction and renovation is increasingly opting for the comfort, quality and low cost of this solution. Moreover, can be reached online 24/7 for quotes and orders within one minute. Raamdorpelelements BV has been located at Fabrieksweg 5 in Bladel since January 2012.


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Address: Outside the dike 1

Postal Code: 3356 LX

Place: Papendrecht

T: 078 - 6511201


Innovative window sill for a changing construction

After more than half a century, the time has come: a completely new type of window sill is coming onto the market. It is a groundbreaking product, because it is not made of stone or metal, but of fiberglass. Window sill 'IsoSill' (registered trademark) provides an answer to the long-standing problem of the thermal bridge under windows in otherwise well-insulated facades. And there are more and more, because construction is changing under the influence of climate change. Bart Tenbült, director-owner of Raamdorpelelements BV from Bladel, thinks it is high time that his company responds to this with a suitable and cleverly designed product.



Prefab window sill, exactly to size

Raamdorpelelements BV does business with contractors, DIY companies, housing corporations and architects. Because our window sills are delivered exactly to size, you can easily assemble them yourself. If desired, we can also take care of this for you. Are you curious about our collection of window sills?
Ordering your prefabricated sills has never been easier. You can directly request a quote via our online quotation system, which will appear in your inbox by e-mail.


Discover the convenience of our prefab window sills!

This way you immediately know how much you have lost per job. In addition, we produce from our own stock, so that we can deliver quickly. Your order will arrive within one to four weeks. And our window sill is not only supplied prefab, it is also delivered to your construction site in handy containers and racks. Of course we will also collect these neatly from you. In addition, the window sill is:

  • Tight and flat to install

  • Equipped with wear-resistant joints

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Can even be mounted in bad weather

The range of prefab window sills

The range prefabricated window sills consists of 2 brands of window sill stones: St. Joris from Beesel and Wienerberger-Terca from Panningen. Every brand has its own characteristics.


St. Joris window sills

  • 13 Standard colours

  • 12 Standard models incl. 130mm and 180mm

  • Tighter model

  • Thickness 32mm and the 25mm in size 160mm

  • Of each model and color are wel upright sides available



Wienerberger-Terca window sills

  • 11 Standard colors incl. Light brown

  • 9 Standard models

  • Rounder model

  • Thickness 30mm and the Forte of 35mm in size 160mm

  • Only upright sides of 160x105x30

Also see de neg size table, here you can see which size stone fits your window frame.



Model configurator


Here you can easily choose the desired brand, colour, model and end stone for your ceramic window sills. If you cannot select the desired model in combination with the color, please take  Contact op for the possibilities.
Please note: the model configurator below only shows our ceramic window sills. When you create an account and complete the quote wizard without obligation, you will also see our other products such as concrete and natural stone.



window sill

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