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Address: Ambachtstraat 4

Postal Code: 1135 GG

Place: Edam

T: 0299 - 38 08 08

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In recent years, 'the floating screed' has become increasingly complex. Just think of underfloor heating and cooling, integrated home automation systems, sensors and not to forget the free divisibility of homes. Construction projects are also changing. Situations where an office building is converted into a residential building with lofts or studios are becoming more and more common. 

More and more disciplines come together in and around the total floor system and influence the impact noise performance. Each party is only responsible for its own part. Who is then responsible for the intended acoustic performance?

Clients and contractors can unburden themselves by using RAPO. This stands for Redumax Acoustic Project Support. With RAPO they opt for expert guidance during the entire development and construction process.

Substantiated with (screed) construction advice and process advice, the activities of the disciplines involved are closely coordinated. Inspections in the various stages of the floor construction monitor the intended quality. Inspection reports expose the shortcomings and provide insight into work still to be carried out. All this with only one goal: to guarantee the acoustic performance of the total floor construction.

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