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Address: North Morssingel 2

Postal Code: 7461 JN

Place: Rijssen

T: 0548 53 56 35


Dutch quality for the kitchen. Reginox stands for quality in sinks and worktops for the kitchen. We design, develop and produce these items in-house, in all kinds of styles and designs. We also supply matching taps and accessories. With an innovative range, we focus on the national and international kitchen and project market. In doing so, we take a close look at the wishes of consumers and kitchen professionals. For example, we use high-quality materials and techniques and we put customer satisfaction first. Naturally, we also have an eye for sustainability, by being economical with energy and opting for recyclable materials and packaging where possible.

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Reginox produces sinks for the kitchen in almost all shapes and sizes. Round sinks, square sinks, double sinks and recently even colored sinks! You never ask wrong at Reginox. In addition, Reginox is the only manufacturer to provide a lifetime warranty on all its stainless steel sinks!


Cranes are used intensively. The ideal kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet must be the right combination of design and functionality. That is why it is very important to choose the right tap for your sink. Reginox has many different types of taps in its range, both in chrome and brushed stainless steel. We offer a 5-year warranty on almost all cranes!


Are you looking for custom stainless steel worktops? Please contact us by calling 0548-535635 or send an e-mail to !

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PITT® by Reginox: a real eye-catcher for your kitchen. With PITT® by Reginox you yourself are the designer of your cooking area. The hobs are integrated directly into the worktop. This way you always have enough space for your pans. PITT® by Reginox is also easy to maintain and above all gives a unique look to your kitchen.

Do you want more information? Call 0548-535635 or email !



Reginox eg

Noordermorssingel 2

7461 JN Rijssen

T 0548 53 56 35

F 0548 53 56 00

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