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Address: Dokweg 40

Postal Code: 1976 CA

Place: IJmuiden


Rigo paint factory

Everything for the Masterpiece. That is what we focus on. Ensuring that the craftsmanship of ourselves and that of our customers increases. Because with craftsmanship you make valuable things. Things that contribute something to the economy.

We believe that now, but certainly in the future, our economy cannot rely solely on knowledge and consultancy. There are also just things to be made. And not 'as cheap as possible', but with a price that matches the labor that is put into it. In this way, every professional can convert his own knowledge and skills into a valuable product and receive a fair price for it.

Whether it is our paint and varnish, or the paintwork that is done with it. A masterpiece always has value.

At RIGO Paint Factory we ensure that craftsmen can make a masterpiece. By supplying good products, by developing solutions and by being in conversation for good advice.

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