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Rodeca Systems bv is the specialist in the field of transparent building elements. Our polycarbonate hollow core sheets are very versatile and can be used for shed roofs, facade construction, interior walls, doors, roofs and canopies. In addition to our range, we also carry the profiles to fix our products.

We can play a role in the entire construction process. From design, drawing, delivery of the material up to and including installation. On this website you will find an extensive overview of projects on which we have worked with great pride in recent years.

Rodeca Systems bv works very intensively with Rodeca Gmbh, the German parent company. In addition, the company also has branches in Belgium, Italy and Great Britain. The Dutch branch has been importing the polycarbonate elements from Germany since 1984.

The advantages of the Rodeca light building elements compared to conventional industrial glazing systems are numerous. This includes optimal thermal insulation, the low weight and the relatively low price of the product. The Rodeca light construction elements are also produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Rodeca's light construction elements have undergone a true revolution since the 1980s. Further development has ensured that our product is now completely weatherproof and does not discolour. In addition, Rodeca can supply its products in all possible colors and there are plenty of options for lettering and lighting of the panels.


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Address: Ambachtstraat 4

Postal Code: 1135 GG

Place: Edam

T: 0299 - 38 08 08

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LBE 2540 40 Polycarbonate light construction elements


System PC 2540-4 MC

System PC 2540-4

System PC 2540-6

System PC 2540-7

System AF 50

System AF 100

Rodeca technisch handboek 50 mm.jpg

ISOCLEAR 2550-10 Light building elements

from polycarbonate


System PC 2550-10

System PC 2550-10 AF 60

System PC 2550-10 AF 120

Rodeca technisch handboek 60 mm.jpg

ISOCLEAR 2560-12 Light building elements

from polycarbonate


System PC 2560-12

System PC 2560-12 AF 60

System PC 2560-12 AF 120

Rodeca technisch handboek MFP.jpg

MFP Light construction elements made of polycarbonate


System PC 2610- 4

System PC 2625-5

System PC 2600-40-7-4

Rodeca technisch handboek RT.jpg

RT Light building elements

from polycarbonate


System PC 2600-10-4-U

Rodeca technisch handboek MWS.jpg

MWS Light building elements

from polycarbonate


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