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Address: Alcoalaan 1

Postal code: 5151 RW

Place: Drunen

T: 0416 38 6480

Hydro Building Systems Netherlands BV

SAPA offers architects, specifiers, metal fabricators, investors and homeowners around the world a comprehensive range of innovative, reliable and aesthetically pleasing aluminum sliding and folding systems, facades, doors, windows and building integrated photovoltaic systems. SAPA is one of the largest suppliers of aluminum building systems in Europe and is part of the global aluminum company Hydro ASA , in the Extruded Solutions division.

Hydro ASA

With its 35,000 employees, Hydro has a global reach, local presence and operations on all continents in approximately 40 countries and serves approximately 30,000 customers worldwide.

Hydro is a world leading aluminum company. It is one of the largest producers of primary aluminum and is active in the field of bauxite, aluminum and electricity; the main raw materials for the production of primary aluminum.

Hydro is also a major European supplier of rolled products to customers in the construction, packaging, lithography and automotive industries.

Hydro has significant R&D resources devoted to smelting and recycling process technology, materials technology, and products and solutions for customers.

Extruded Solutions
Extruded Solutions supplies customer-specific components and solutions to all industries; from automotive and public transport to buildings and construction, electronics, off-shore and shipping. Based in Norway and with over a century of experience in renewable energy, technology and innovation, Hydro is committed to improving the living environment of its customers and communities and creating a sustainable future with innovative aluminum solutions.
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