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SOLARWATT is the market leader in glass-glass solar panels and one of the world's largest suppliers of electricity storage. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Germany. The company employs more than 300 employees worldwide and collaborates with international organizations such as BMW, Bosch and E.ON. SOLARWATT is almost 100% owned by Stefan Quandt, also a major shareholder of BMW. Through a close collaboration with BMWi, SOLARWATT has one of the most automated and innovative factories in the world. The entire production is carried out by smart robots that ensure constant high-quality production. In addition, all components are carefully coordinated. After all, only a well-combined solar energy system delivers the highest yield! More about SOLARWATT .


As a German brand, quality is our strength. Solarwatt products are extensively tested to deliver top performance. Various to investigate  rate our solar panels as 'very good'. And this quality is reflected in our warranty: 30-year all-in warranty on Solarwatt solar panels and a free all-risk insurance. Because quality is the most important factor for us, we will never compromise or make cost-saving choices that are at the expense of our quality.

Solar Watt & BMW

Solarwatt is almost 100% owned by Stefan Quandt, major shareholder of BMW. Due to the close cooperation with BMWi, Solarwatt has one of the most automated and innovative factories in the world. The entire production is carried out by smart robots that ensure a constant high quality production. We use genuine BMW parts that we bring together in our innovative solutions. This is how we got our new home battery SOLARWATT Battery flex developed together with BMW. All parts are carefully coordinated. After all, only a well-combined solar energy system ensures the highest yield! 

Production locations worldwide and our test laboratory

Solarwatt has production locations worldwide. At the factory in Dresden we have our own test laboratory, accredited by the VDE. There we expose our solar panels to extreme testing to ensure the high quality and safety of our products.   

We also have offices in the Netherlands, Australia, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain, from where we serve the local markets. We have a strong network of partners and installers in more than 50 countries. 


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Address: Het Eek 7

Postal Code: 7071 PR

Place: Tiel

T: 0344-767002

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What are glass-glass solar panels?

With glass-glass solar panels, the solar cells are enclosed between two layers of glass. With other solar panels, the front is made of glass and the back of plastic. The double glass layer in glass-glass solar panels provides many advantages, such as a higher yield and better quality and warranty.

The advantages of glass-glass solar panels:




What are glass-foil solar panels?

Solar panels consist of several layers. At glass-glass solar panels the solar cells are enclosed between two layers of glass. With traditional glass-foil solar panels, the front consists of glass and the back is made of plastic. Foil is cheaper than glass, but protects the solar cells less well and has a shorter lifespan. This leads to less yield in the long term. The classic glass-foil solar panels are often chosen if one wants to invest in solar panels, but the purchase price must be as low as possible. 


Solarwatt glass-foil solar panels​​

  • Low investment, optimal payback period

  • Good value for money

  • Extensively tested for, among other things, resistance to early degradation by PID and LeTID

  • High reliability and beautiful design

  • Product warranty of 15 years and power warranty of 25 years




With both a carport and a veranda you want the roof to let sunlight through, so that an open and light construction is created. The back of the solar panel must then be transparent to allow sunlight to pass through. Glass-glass solar panels, where the back is made of glass, instead of plastic, offer a solution. However, not every glass-glass solar panel is suitable for this. 

If you walk directly under solar panels, it is important that they are fitted with safety glass. Only then can it be prevented that possible injury occurs if the solar panel is damaged by an external factor. Think, for example, of a falling roof tile or a car that hits the veranda/carport. 



By choosing Panel vision easyin glass-glass solar panels van Solarwatt, your regular roof tiles will be replaced by solar panels. Your roof will now become your own power plant.  These solar panels are installed very quickly and are hardly noticeable between the normal roof tiles. With free solar power you also save on your energy costs. 


Solarwatt solar panels in your roof:

  • Replace roof tiles with solar panels and generate energy with your roof

  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions such as hail

  • Nice integration of solar panels in the roof

  • High energy yield, partly thanks to optimal ventilation at the rear

  • Simple and sturdy installation, the solar panels are placed directly on the battens

  • A roof covering that pays for itself

  • The solar panels are hardly noticeable between the roof tiles



Why store solar energy?

With a home battery you can store a surplus of solar energy to use yourself at a later time. The energy is then available when you need it. This increases the independence and self-use of your household and you get the most out of your solar panels.  

  • Use solar energy when you need it. Day and night.

  • Increase own use of generated solar energy to 80%

  • Maximum independence

Dismantling of the net metering scheme

Supplying energy back to the grid will become financially less attractive from 2023 due to the plans to de netting arrangement  to be finished. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to use as much energy as possible yourself. In addition to smart energy management, a home battery offers a solution. 



Advantages of the energy manager

The energy brain of your home 

With the Manager flex you have insight into all energy flows in your home and you can exercise full control over this. The Energy Portal offers a clear dashboard from which you direct. This way you can connect and control all energy consumers from one central platform. This will make your solar energy optimum use!

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