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Address: Blokland 18

Postal Code: 2441 GG

Place: Nieuwveen

T: 0172 - 53 61 20

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Spelled is a healthy family business, strong in the collection and processing of waste flows and strong in carrying out earthwork projects.

By keeping sustainability first, we have succeeded in recycling almost all waste materials and converting them into raw materials and energy. We no longer see waste as waste but as raw materials. By paying proper attention to the waste flows, we can protect primary materials and contribute to the circular economy. Saving raw materials is a direct benefit for the environment.

We analyze your waste problem in a simple and transparent manner and offer you a reliable sustainable solution. We offer this solution within the total package that we are happy to provide.

For civil work we offer the same transparent total solutions, where we think along throughout the entire process. By taking into account alternative methods and materials in the preparation phase, we can actually realize benefits. In our demolition and earthwork solutions, safe execution and a high-quality result are the most important principles.


Spelled Earthworks is also coordinated from Nieuwveen. This branch focuses on construction-related projects, particularly in the Randstad conurbation. The work is divided into three parts:

  • Earthworks

  • Demolition works

  • Soil remediation

We take care of, among other things, the excavation of cunettes, construction of road foundations, carrying out soil remediation and road plate facilities. Road foundations are provided with surfacing and site design and landscaping complete the project. In addition, we provide for the construction of sewer systems in combination with wells to drain rainwater, terrain water and sewage water.

Our equipment is also available for rental. Call us for the possibilities. For more information please visit our page about Earthworks consult.

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