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Address: Zoltstede 1 D

Postal Code: 8431 HM

Place: Oosterwolde

T: 0516-431442

Spiral staircase center

Commitment to innovation

Spiral staircase Centrum stands for 22 years of experience in stairs. The company originated from the companies Kwartspil Trappen and Sterkos Balustraden. In 2011 Spiltrap Centrum started to focus entirely on spiral stairs and spiral staircases for construction and construction companies. Spiltrap Centrum can deliver quickly and cost-effectively through a clear focus and commitment to innovation.

“Do what you are good at. That is the creed of Spiltrap Centrum. By staying close to our craftsmanship, we can offer the best quality. Within a construction process we work together with various building and construction companies. Each party makes its own drawings with the corresponding information for the project. We merge this information into a completely coordinated BIM model ”, says Peter Faber.

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