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Curtain wall system from Stabalux

Stabalux supplies approved and tested system products according to EN13830 for filigree glass facades and roofs. The curtain wall constructions of steel, wood and aluminum meet the highest requirements according to the passive house standard.

Intelligent simplicity of the systems is characterized by few system components and simple installation. The processing of the systems can be realized with simple means. These properties provide a significant competitive advantage. Moreover, it is our spearhead to provide you with fast and professional support.

In addition to information about our products, the Stabalux website should also provide useful information on the topic of sustainable building with glass facade and glass roof. Therefore, we welcome comments and suggestions for improving our website with regard to presentation and content.


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Address: Fraunhoferstraße 8

Postal Code: 53121

Place: Bonn

T: 00 49-22890904326

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Glass curtain wall and glass roof Stabalux SR

Perfect in shape.

With its static values, Stabalux SR is the first choice when it comes to large spans and individual shapes: for modern, clear architecture with glass.

Glass curtain wall and glass roof Stabalux ZL-S

Best performance.

The intermediate strip is a well thought-out simple system for single and multiple glazing with the highest performance. It is very popular with architects and fabricators as a price-attractive top structure. With its material properties, the intermediate strip provides the highest thermal insulation of the glass curtain wall systems on the market.


Glass curtain wall and glass roof Stabalux AK-S

Less hassle.

Processing the Stabalux AK is simple and fast; the aluminum add-on channel is screwed or bolted directly onto the steel. The steel variant can be used with welded connections - two variants with only 1 sealing system.

Sun protection Stabalux SOL

The aluminum awning to be mounted on the outside is easy to install. The sun protection system can be mounted on all common facade and glass roof systems (and solid walls).

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