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Who is studio work

in brief:
Studiowerk is broad in the field of building advice, from design to implementation.
Owner Jan Huurdeman is an all-rounder and provides expert architectural advice. Characteristic of his work is the thorough preparation (“engineering”) of every construction project, small and large and everything in between. Making plans, calculating construction costs, devising 'smart' budgetary solutions, arranging building permits, selecting contractors, a total concept for everyone's (re)building plans. Working in renovation, new construction, realization of shops, homes, care homes, offices, transformation and repurposing. 
From the very start of the construction process, we think along with the client. Guiding the construction process with a design perspective, with the aim of ensuring that construction runs smoothly for the client. Therein lies his strength.


'As a child I helped build and renovate buildings in the yard on my father's farm and I made furniture at an early age. The follow-up was an architecture study at the MTS in Amersfoort, followed by the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Utrecht, majoring in architecture.
Simultaneously with my further studies at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, I worked for architectural firms. My training school was the  Amsterdamse architectenburo van Onno Greiner and Martien van Goor, (now GGH Architecten). There I worked on complex large projects such as playhouses and theaters and care centers for addiction care,  elderly care, psychiatry, and other forms of intensive care.

Result and quality of the big picture consists of attention to detail. In 2002 I made the step to continue working independently from the center of Deventer. Since 2015 I work from the 'working' heart of Deventer: shed570 in the Havenkwartier.  ItCombining technology and design is my passion. '


studio bouwwerk logo.png

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Studiowerk provides technical services and design services, in other words a total package for your renovation or new construction plans. As a customer, you can call on our building advice for one or more components. These very diverse activities are part of our building advice, for residential and non-residential construction (new construction, renovation, repurposing, restoration, renovation)


architectural drawings;
architectural advice:
taking care of  environment permit;
technical construction drawings;
technical description;
construction costs;
contract drafting contractor;
construction supervision;
3D visualizations;
building inspection;
cost control;


Design and architectural drawings, design phase up to and including execution; all plans are drawn for you in a 3D BIM model, which means, among other things, that every adjustment in the plan is immediately visible in floor plans, sections and elevations and 3D, which means that work is faster and more efficient than with traditional 2D drawings. You can virtually walk through your home or other building with an iPad, iPhone or other tablet using the app BIMx. Another major advantage is that construction costs can be accurately distilled from the BIM model, which provides insight into construction costs at an early stage. And construction costs determine feasibility for a large  part.


Periodically checking the construction, attending and, if desired, chairing construction meetings and taking minutes,  assessing and keeping track of additional and less work: Studio work keeps a finger on the pulse during construction. In addition, responding quickly and accurately to questions from the construction industry and providing feedback to the client is an important factor for the successful completion of the construction. Studiowerk also provides deliveries and reports.

Preparing construction cost calculations for a wide variety of projects. Clients are both professional parties (architects) and private clients. Construction costs can be calculated in every phase of the project. An indication of the construction costs can already be given from the very first sketch plans. Studiowerk also calculates construction costs directly from an (ArchiCad) BIM model.
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