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tierrafino logo.jpg

Address: Archangelkade 23

Postal code: 1013 BE

Place: Amsterdam

T: 020-689 25 15


Tierrafino has been located at Archangelkade 23 near Minervahaven in Amsterdam since 2008. In the business and office spaces, Tierrafino shows how beneficial organic building products such as loam, straw and lime can be used to create a healthy indoor climate, with natural colors as an additional advantage.

In collaboration with the company Leemwerk, a stamped pavilion was built in the shed, which was finished with Tadelakt during various workshops.
All Tierrafino products are manufactured and distributed in the business premises.

The business space is also a showroom, studio, laboratory, test setup and classroom. Here new products are conceived, developed, tested and shown. And there are regular workshops, meetings and exhibitions of visual artists.

Tierrafino is a brand on the move. Carl Giskes and his employees are constantly improving existing products and developing new ones. He firmly believes in his mission: to make an essential contribution to a beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly living environment where people really feel at home.

tierrafino showroom.jpg
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Tierrafino Finish : clay plaster * Lehmputz * clay plaster * enduits de terre Tierrafino Antique Provence : clay plaster * Lehmglattputz * smooth clay plaster * enduits de terre lis

Tierrafino Duro : clay plaster * Lehmfeinputz * fine clay plaster * enduits de terre fine Tierrafino Stone : Original Tadelakt Tierrafino i-paint : interior clay paint * Lehmfarbe * clay paint * peinture á l'argile Tierrafino Base : basic clay plaster * Basislehmputz * clay skim coat Bas Tierrafino Listro : clay-gloss plaster * Glanzlehm * clay stucco * plaster á l'argile Tierrafino T-paint : plaster paint * Lehm-Streichputz * clay plaster-paint * endout brossé Tierrafino DryPaint: interior clay paint * Lehmfarbe * clay paint * peinture á l 'argile TierraCol: adhesive clay * adhesive clay * Haftlehm * clay-primer * couche d'accroche á l'argile Tierrafino Contact : primer * Haftgrund * Scoop * couche d'accroche Tierrafino Fix : clay hardener * Lehmfestiger * clay fixative * Ducisseur l'enduit plaster material * Stuckmaterial * plaster material * matériel de platre clay building products * Lehmbaumaterial * earthbuilding products * produits de batiment de la terre / related products * Zubehör * additives * accessories / pigments / tools * Werkzeug * tools * outils

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