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Innovative insulation material, fully foldable

In 1980, the Dutch company TONZON developed a revolutionary insulation method. You could also say: the company has made the thermos flask flexible. With this technique you can achieve more insulation value with less loss of space. Existing floors become warmer than new-build floors with TONZON Thermoscushion. Existing attics stay cooler in the summer than in a standard new-build home. With a retention wall with Thermosheets against a cold outer wall, you get a warmer inner wall with less loss of space. If you have enough space in a roof or under the floor, you can virtually block the heat flow. The TONZON insulation system is the first system in which air is no longer sold (and transported!). All TONZON materials are fully foldable.

The history

The story behind TONZON

The company was founded in 1980 by the inventor of the new insulation technique AJM (Ton) Willemsen. After all these years, he is still director of the company. TONZON has established a network of local installation companies and specialist craftsmen. As a result, travel costs remain limited and quotations can be issued without obligation. In this way, the consumer can confidently have the work carried out by a local self-employed person who belongs to the network of trusted specialists.

Our vision

A look at the future

In our modern world, climate change is becoming an increasing problem. TONZON is committed to working towards a greener environment in a customer-oriented manner. TONZON products contribute to a healthier living environment. Within 10 years, the company wants to install its innovative insulation technology in buildings that are suitable for the most effective method.


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Address: Ir. Schiffstraat 220

Postal Code: 7547 RD

Place: Enschede

T: 053 - 206 0071

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Thermo cushions

With TONZON's innovative Thermos cushions, cold floors are a thing of the past. Floors lose their heat through radiation to the crawl space and foundation walls, but with our Thermos cushions you reduce this heat loss to virtually zero. As a result, the living comfort improves and you save considerably on heating costs. In addition, insulating the floor with TONZON is the most human and environmentally friendly solution and this type of floor insulation is suitable for almost all floors! Order the custom thermos cushions here, specifically for your floor, or save a little on costs and take a standard roll.



With TONZON Thermosheets you can insulate roofs and walls excellently. TONZON Wall insulation consists of several layers of reflective foil, which are separated by slats. This creates an insulating space of Thermosheets and still air. The combination for good insulation. A similar technique is used for roof insulation. You can order your custom Thermosheets in our shop. The TONZON Wall Insulation technique is suitable for insulating front walls, partition walls, facades and prefabricated walls.


Bottom foil

Do you suffer from moisture in your home? This probably has to do with the crawl space under your home. TONZON Soil foil is a simple, but effective solution to get your crawl space moisture-free. Now for sale in our webshop. The air that rises from the crawl space is dry thanks to the Soil Film, so that your home is less humid. By buying and applying TONZON's Soil Film you can say goodbye to musty, damp crawl spaces.Read more information about this foil.


Bandage foil

Did you know that with quick, simple and cheap insulation measures you can make your house much more energy efficient? Insulating central heating pipes is an example of this. These pipes are often already insulated, but they still lose a lot of heat. With TONZON's HR Bandage Wrap you wrap the pipes with an extra strong foil. Heat loss is thus reduced to a minimum. As a result, the boiler has to work less hard to keep the water in the pipes at the right temperature, which you will notice in the heating costs.


Radiator foil

You can also save a lot on energy costs with simple and quick insulation solutions. For example, buy our innovative TONZON HR radiator foil. This foil can be attached to the back of the radiator, making it completely invisible. Radiators are generally mounted against walls. As a result, the heat that a radiator gives off partly disappears into the wall. You then have to burn harder to achieve a pleasant temperature inside. With TONZON's HR radiator foil you prevent unnecessary heat loss and you will notice that in your wallet. Buy the extra efficient HR radiator foil for radiators with a flat back. For column radiators you can buy the somewhat firmer "Luxe radiator foil". Read more information about our radiator foil.

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Cold bridge interrupters

Flameproof insulating material (XPS) for use as thermal bridge interrupters and as spacers. For example, score one side of the strip to make it easier to break off and glue the other side with foil glue. The length of the blocks is approximately 12.5 centimeters with a front wall. With roof insulation, the blocks can be shorter.


Heat panels

This heating panel has been improved with TONZON foils, so that it heats up even faster and is more energy efficient.

Heat panels are an ideal heat source if you only need heat in a certain place. Think, for example, of a desk, seat or toilet. Why heat the whole house if you only need the heat in one place? Heat panels are in most cases not a replacement for the central heating, but rather an addition. Use them to get extra warm or to lower your thermostat a few degrees.

You can hang these heating panels on the wall or ceiling with brackets. There are also various options for controlling the heating panels or connecting them to a thermostat.

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