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Address: Achthovenerweg 21

Postal code: 2351 AX

Place: Leiderdorp

T: 071-5410321


A beautiful world

It has always been our ambition to make the world a better place. To contribute to the attractiveness of cities and villages. To the quality of life and the happiness and vitality of all of us.

We have been devising and producing bicycle parking solutions, street furniture and sports and games facilities for public spaces since the 1950s. Not only have our products undergone enormous development over the past 60 years, our way of thinking and acting has also changed completely.

The focus is increasingly on design, the environment and responsible use of raw materials and energy. We are shifting from corporate responsibility to circular entrepreneurship. We need to think and dare to take groundbreaking decisions that often serve the common good. Sharing knowledge and working with our customers and partners to come up with smart, progressive solutions that we can all enjoy to the full every day.

We want to work for clients who, like us, take the environment seriously and together make a substantial contribution to a beautiful, circular world. Let's go outside .

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