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Address: Koperweg 17

Postal Code: 2401 LH

Place: Aphen aan den Rijn

T: 0523 - 288 165

Weld infrastructure & environment

At WELD Infra & Milieu, a driven and enthusiastic team works every day on various projects in ground, road and hydraulic engineering. Our organization is characterized by short lines, within which we can switch quickly. And this is reflected in our approach.

Difficult, that word is not in our dictionary! From a desired end situation we reason back to a practical and realistic plan. In plain language and without frills.

WELD Infra & Milieu, built for the future!

Our distinctive character lies on the one hand in the diversity of our activities, and on the other in our mentality. We love to tackle that! From engineering to the realization of a total concept, we can do it all at WELD Infra & Milieu. Moreover, we have our own equipment and equipment.

Whether it concerns demolition work, soil remediation, making sites ready for housing and construction, realizing hydraulic engineering works, installing sewers or sheet piling. At WELD we don't turn our hands around!


At WELD Infra & Milieu we don't think in terms of difficulties, but in terms of possibilities. A flexible attitude, thorough knowledge and a good dose of guts make us who we are. Whether it concerns a special renovation project in the heart of Amsterdam or a large-scale new construction project in the polder; our civilian heart beats faster when we are asked to make the impossible possible.

Moreover, we like to sit around the drawing table with our clients. We think along from the basic idea to the desired end situation. Because every challenge requires a specific, creative solution.

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