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Address: Lingenstraat 2

Postal Code: 8028 PM

Place: Zwolle

T: 038-4296911


Zehnder Group Nederland has been working intensively and successfully for many years on sophisticated solutions for the indoor climate. The quality of the indoor air and the comfort for people in their living, living and working environment are central to this. Our goal; realizing a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

From a product specialist and supplier of ventilation -since 1937 under the name JE StorkAir and from 2015 under the name Zehnder- Zehnder Group Nederland has today grown into a versatile partner for the total indoor climate. You will find a wide and clear range in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and filtering. Our knowledge translates into daily practice into product and total solutions that enable energy-neutral living and working; according to the requirements of today and tomorrow.

That's what we stand for.



zehnder Aura.jpg


Large pipe distances and straight lines. Zehnder Aura is perfectly conceived and made for modern bathrooms. The design radiator is available in white.


Fits every budget

Large pipe spacings allow easy cleaning

Towels can be hung easily

User-friendly operation

Additional advantages of the electric variant

Energy-efficient and comfortable heating through innovative "open window detection"

Low power consumption of only 0.5 W or less in standby mode

Sensor technology with day and week program that can be set as desired

Zehnder Charleston Bar.jpg


The high heat output of Zehnder Charleston Bar also makes large bathrooms comfortably warm. And that also applies to large and small towels. Thanks to the variably mountable towel rail, they are always ready for use and preheated. Available in almost all colors and surfaces of the Zehnder color chart.


  • Classic-elegant design that can be integrated into any environment

  • Zehnder sheepskin cleaning brush for easy cleaning

  • Large amount of radiation ensures a high level of comfort

  • Suitable for use with a heat pump and / or low temperature system

  • High heat output, also for existing buildings with a high heat demand

  • Convenient hanging of towels thanks to the height-adjustable towel rail

  • The residue-free laser welding technology LaZer made guarantees the highest quality, a high-quality design and reliable operation of the heating system

        zehnder forma spa.jpg


        Pleasant warmth and a fresh, new look in the bathroom. Cross-welded pipes. The generous wall space provides space for hanging large, soft towels. That is Zehnder Forma Spa. Available in almost all colors and surfaces of the Zehnder color chart.


        • Transparent appearance due to cross-connected pipes

        • The suitable solution for the most diverse performance requirements, thanks to the single or double-layer design

        • Generous pipe spacings on the single-layer model make towels easy to hang

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