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Different needs worldwide require flexible manufacturers and suppliers, who deliver products of excellent quality and offer support in different markets in every possible way.Zettex Europe BV was founded in 1990 and originated from a German-English company that mainly specialized in the automotive market. In 2001 the company acquired a large range of products in the field of adhesives, sealants and technical aerosols through a takeover.

Today Zettex is a leading producer of adhesives, sealants and technical aerosols. From various production facilities in the Netherlands, England and Poland and sales offices in Dubai and Turkey, Zettex serves its main target groups: construction, roofing, industry and automotive.

The range consists of polymers, silicones, PUs, PU foams, fire resistant sealants, acrylics, technical aerosols, wood adhesives, contact adhesives, pressure vessels and various accessories. Currently, Zettex produces 85% of its range itself, in all conceivable packaging forms. Private labels are also produced, from small quantities.

Zettex does not only focus on mass production of high-quality products, we put the interests of our customers first. We offer them the support they need on a daily basis in terms of product knowledge and marketing, but Research & Development for specific requests is also possible. Zettex is a reliable partner that will fit perfectly into your supply chain


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Address: Plaza 20

Postal Code: 4782 SK

Place: Moerdijk

T: 0888 938839

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You will find extremely strong adhesives and sealants at Zettex.

The leading adhesive range for any application for more than a decade.


Wood glues

Wood is a special material and therefore requires special types of adhesives.


MS Polymer

We produce all types of polymer in both MS and Hybrid quality for all surfaces.


PU Sealants and Adhesives

PU adhesives are known for their very strong adhesion to almost all surfaces.


2 Component Systems

Gluing with 2 components stands for speed.


Chemical anchors

Liquid anchoring for all types of thread ends.

Contact adhesives

A wide product range of contact adhesives in various packaging.


Contact adhesives

A wide product range of contact adhesives in various packaging.



Wide range of sealing techniques for every desired application.



Wide range of renewed Zettex Acrylic Sealants.



Wide range of renowned formulations of silicone sealants in every technology.



A complete fire-resistant program for sealing all occurring penetrations.



Sealants for glazing applications


PU foams

Zettex offers both polyurethane foams with gluing and filling properties. Zettex offers the solution for every desired application.


Gluing foams

Polyurethane foams for gluing applications


Filling foams

Polyurethane foam for filling applications.

Liquid MS 10 Polymer, Liquid MS 10+ Polymer, Spraybond MS 20 Polymer, Ultra Seal MS 25 Polymer, Construct MS 30 Polymer, Glazing MS 35 Polymer, Grassbond MS 40 Polymer, EPDM Adhesive MS 50 Polymer, Marine Bond MS 57 Polymer, Superior MS 60 Polymer, Panel Bond MS 65 Polymer, High Tack MS 70 Polymer, Windshield Adhesive MS 72 Polymer, Strongbond MS 80 Polymer, PU 20 Construction Sealant, PU 40 Connection Sealant, PU 50 Car body sealant and adhesive, PU 70 Strong windshield adhesive , PU 75 Ultra strong vehicle adhesive, PU 80 Ultra fast adhesive for industrial vehicles, Packing Sealer, Acetoxy Easy Silicon, Neutral Easy Silicon, Sanitary Easy Silicon, HT 300 Easy Silicon, Universal Flexcryl, Exterior Flexcryl, Structure Flexcry, Non-Crack Flexcry , Standard Chemical Anchor, Pure Epoxy Tropical Chemical Anchor, Polyester Tropical Chemical Anchor, Polyester Standard Chemical Anchor, Pure Epoxy Standard Chemical Anchor, Epoxy Stick Metal, 2C PU Fast Transparent, 2C PU Ultra Fast Black, 2C PU Standard Black, 2C PU Fast Plug White, Rooftex, PU Fix, Stonefix, Winterfoam, Foam Cleaner, Elastic Gunfoam B2, Gunfoam NBS, PU Foam HH, Fire Foam, FR100 Acrylate, FR200 Silicone, FR300 Hybrid, Powertack, Powertix, Powertix Express , D2 Wood Adhesive, D3 Wood Adhesive, D4 PU Wood Adhesive, Spraybond X10 Standard, Spraybond X20 Misty, Spraybond X30 Universal, Spraybond X35 EPDM, Spraybond X40 High Solids, Spraybond X45 Premium, Spraybond X46 Waterbased, Spraybond X47 Cleaner, Spraybond X50 EPS / XPS, Spraybond X80 PU, Spraybond X90 Hybrid, Spraybond X100 Foambond, Easycontact S10, Easycontact S20, Easycontact S30

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