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Address: Zevenheuvelenweg 70

Postal code: 5048 AN

Place: Tilburg

T: 013 - 5434519

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ALKU, frames for life

Imagine plastic frames that you never have to paint, that last a lifetime, and that are completely tailored to your wishes. Custom- made frames that also work burglar-resistant and help save on your energy consumption .

Thanks to our own factory , we can produce the highest quality frames for an attractive price . That has always been our vision. Since 1990, we have been producing and installing plastic frames throughout the Netherlands through our extensive dealer network .

At home between inside and outside

'Home' is much more than four walls and a roof. You create a sense of home by gathering precious people and things around you. In a comfortable and safe place. Your own world connected to the outside world in a friendly way.

ALKU wants you to feel completely at home in your own home. Together we create a place where you can relax. Where you can always go. A home where you receive family and friends. Truly your own, familiar and exactly to your taste.

Together we find your home feeling. This way you will come home to a nice house now, later and in thirty years' time.

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