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AluK Nederland is supported by the AluK group, a strong group with considerable capacity for innovation and investments and a wide range. The expert team of AluK Nederland has developed and expanded a local range of aluminum building systems in accordance with the current market and the high requirements of the customers.

AluK Nederland designs aluminum window frames and curtain walls for the Dutch market. 

In recent years we have built up a strong reputation in the field of quality and service. In Belgium and the Netherlands, AluK window frames can be found at more than 400 distributors. Thanks to our skilled and motivated team, AluK has developed a local range that is completely adapted to the market and to the high requirements of facade builders, architects and builders. The sustainable insulation strip REVIVE is a wonderful example of this.  

The AluK Group  

AluK Nederland is part of the international AluK Group, a large group that offers many opportunities in terms of investments, innovations and supply. The AluK Group is a world leader in the field of aluminum window, door and curtain wall systems, with more than seventy years of knowledge and experience. We have divisions in ten countries and serve fifty countries on four continents.



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Façade cladding

The aluminum facade cladding gives a unique, aesthetic touch to any type of building that can be perfectly combined with the window, door and sliding door systems within our range. 

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AluK's aluminum facade cladding Nesto with vertical lines gives a unique, aesthetic touch to any type of building that takes contemporary architecture into account. Nesto has a sleek design that can be perfectly combined with the window, door and sliding door systems within our range. Thanks to an invisible attachment and clean lines, you create an architectural accent on every facade. 

One partner for all your facade solutions 

Nesto fits perfectly with our complete range of aluminum systems for windows, doors, sliding doors and curtain walls. AluK is your partner for both insulating and decorative facade solutions. 

Simple fabrication and assembly 

The aluminum profiles can easily be cut to size for any project and can be installed efficiently on any facade thanks to an easy, but well thought-out click system. 

Durable aluminum 

The durable nature of aluminum ensures a sturdy facade construction that can withstand various weather conditions. This allows you to enjoy an unseen quality for life. Moreover, the facade cladding is easy to disassemble or replace, so that the aluminum profiles can in turn be recycled again and thus have a minimal impact on the environment. 


Nesto offers facade solutions for private homes, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc. You can choose from two design variants whereby you choose one variant for the design of your facade or combine the two variants together to create a decorative interplay of lines. A range of basic and finishing profiles allow for different design constructions, including for example a construction with a corner or the facade cladding that continues in front of a window. 

Window and door systems

Our aluminum window and door systems are strong, lightweight and durable, delivering modern aesthetic profiles combined with excellent performance.

Our systems are safe and robust and are designed to meet and exceed requirements At the same time, we offer a full range of accessories, design options and configurations, providing unparalleled flexibility in terms of appearance and functionality


Sliding door systems

AluK's aluminum sliding door systems offer thin profiles and allow large window areas to maximize light. At the same time, the interior temperatures remain at the right level and they are weatherproof when closed. They are robust, durable and very safe and are rigorously tested to comply with industry regulations. Through a wide range of standard and optional features, our sliding door systems can achieve the right look and performance for any project.

Folding wall system

Our aluminum folding door systems combine the strength and lightweight properties of aluminum with form and function of the highest standard. Highly versatile and configurable in many ways, they provide maximum control over the style and operation of the doors to suit the design specifications of any project. Multiple panels can be added with inward or outward opening door options for trouble free operation. And of course accessibility and security are at the heart of our systems.



Our unique curtain wall systems provide the flexibility and advanced functionality required for modern buildings. Combining strong yet lightweight aluminum profiles with glass sections, our systems can be faceted, double-layered, curved or angled to create the desired finish, while allowing light into the building with a minimum of profile sightlines.

All profiles are thermally broken to ensure maximum performance and all our systems include a wide range of features for full design flexibility.



AluK roof systems provide excellent light, give houses an open feeling and improve their architectural qualities. Our multi-modular solutions are heat-insulated and available in a variety of configurations, giving you the flexibility and choice you need to create a relaxing living space. Our systems are made of aluminum and are durable, safe and strong.

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