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Condair is the world's market leader in commercial and industrial humidification. We set high standards for our brand in terms of hygiene and energy efficiency. We export to more than 50 countries worldwide. Our main brands are: Condair, Nortec, Defensor, Draabe and ML Systems.

The correct humidity is very important in various situations in everyday life. It has been scientifically proven that a real sense of well-being can only arise in a humidity between 40 and 60%. Without a system it is often difficult to maintain the correct values. As a result, Condair offers an extensive range of different product systems. In this way we can offer optimal humidification in every situation.

In the Netherlands, Condair is represented by Condair BV. In addition to being a producer of humidification products and systems, Condair is a supplier of knowledge-intensive products and services such as boilers, heat pumps and fans. It wants to occupy a top position in the markets in which it operates. Our products and services can be found in almost every market (utility, industry, shipbuilding, machine building, etc.). For the right choice of the product, we have a team of specialists who understand the specific needs of your project or process. Employees are an important link in our strategy. They ensure that you receive the right products and that your projects are carried out to your satisfaction. To meet this expectation, we invest a lot in the development of our employees.


Service is a top priority for Condair. Completely according to your wishes, we can provide our products with “tailor-made services”. Whether it concerns commissioning, inspection, maintenance, assembly, project management or the turnkey delivery of your projects, our project and service organization is fully at your service. In case of malfunctions, our 24-hour service department is ready to put your installations back into operation as quickly as possible.


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Address: Gyroscoopweg 21

Postal Code: 1042 AC

Place: Amsterdam

T: 020-7058200

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The Unical MODULEX EXT condensing boiler turns the market upside down! Due to its large modulation range, highest number of kW per m2 and integrated cascade system, a second boiler can be omitted. This saves you up to 25% on your installation costs.
The MODULEX EXT has the unique feature that it is standard suitable for outdoor installation (IP X5D).

Specification text Unical MODULEX EXT condensing boiler

technical documentation Unical MODULEX EXT 100 - 350

Brochure Unical MODULEX EXT condensing boiler

technical documentation Unical MODULEX EXT 400 - 900


In the market of electrode humidifiers, the Condair CP3 already distinguished itself by its ease of use and interesting pricing. Its successor, the Condair EL, is a worthy successor. It has the unique intelligent steam cylinder concept that optimally adjusts the control depending on the water quality, thus preventing unnecessary rinsing water loss.

The minerals present (lime residues) come together in the plastic steam cylinder. When the plastic cylinder is full, it can easily be removed, after which the new cylinder can be placed. This makes maintenance of your humidifier very easy.

Specification text EL Electrode Steam humidifier

Brochure RS outdoor NEW!

Brochure EL Electrode Steam humidifier

Brochure EL outdoor NEW!


The renewed Condair GS is a gas-fired humidifier with the highest efficiency on the market. It is the first in the world to be equipped with condensation technology. This gives the humidifier an extremely high efficiency. Humidifier maintenance has been further simplified by a new reservoir and heat exchanger design.
In addition, the GS has more standard functions and greater ease of use. Modbus and BACnet are available as standard.

Specification text GS gas-fired humidifier

Brochure GS gas-fired humidifier

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