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“Customers sometimes say that we are opening a new world for them; we can't get a bigger compliment. ”

High-end kitchen concepts with a distinct design

Since 1985, Culimaat has been creating high-end kitchen concepts that are characterized by a distinct design and high quality and appearance. Our team of ambitious Kitchen Artists is driven by a love for luxury kitchens, boundless creativity and the pursuit of absolute perfection. We like to challenge ourselves and always think a step further. We derive our right to exist from the fact that we want to be different from the environment. We go very far in this. At Culimaat, customization means that every detail is tailored to the user. Because everyone lives in a different way. Each high-end kitchen concept is therefore a unique combination of design, color, material and finish and tells the individual story of a customer. They are in fact art objects that are designed in such a way that they suit the user optimally. We approach the kitchen from the vision that it is more than just a space for cooking. It is the heart of the home where everything comes together and new things arise: conversations, contacts, ideas. And precisely because it fulfills such an important function, we believe that everything should be right: from the design, the ease of use, to the routing and the equipment. In our showroom in Berlicum, customers can fully immerse themselves in the world of high-end kitchens and get an idea of the endless possibilities that enable us to realize the most special concepts.


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Address: De Enst 7

Postal code: 5258 BM

Place: Berlicum

T: 073 503 9060

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