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The Dakmeester Foundation is a platform of qualified roofers and leading producers of materials for pitched roofs. The aim of this partnership is to raise the quality of sloping roofs in the Netherlands to an even higher level, to jointly share knowledge and develop developments. The quality of pitched roofs does not only consist of high-quality products in their application, but above all the quality of the processing. A partnership with a stable foundation since 1998!

A unique alliance of professionals

The Dakmeester Foundation is an answer to the demand for higher quality and security. The joining of forces of producers and processors is on the one hand prompted by developments in the field of existing or new materials, new application and processing techniques; on the other hand due to the increasing importance of economic, aesthetic, energetic and environmental aspects. Form, function and process are the starting points of the partnership. This bundling of expertise guarantees customers a high level of the end product in all areas: the sloping ROOF.

Focused on the future

The Foundation supports the Dakmeesters with seminars, courses, study trips, information about new materials and applications, regulations, techniques, all this with a network of expertise. A Roof Master guarantees expertise, advice, good service and, last but not least, certainty. Roof masters and specialists from the participating producers jointly focus on development and innovation.

An example of an increasingly common practice in construction is result-oriented collaboration with other parties. Together with Dakmeesters, producers and TNO, we developed the workbook “Result-oriented collaboration in the renovation and maintenance of sloping roofs.” An important aspect in the renovation of sloping roofs with which Dakmeesters add extra quality to the roof.

More than just a roof over your head

Comfort and environment

The roof makes a substantial contribution to living comfort and environmental friendliness through proper heat and sound insulation, airtightness, daylighting, etc. Solar energy systems are now indispensable, especially on sloping roofs in the Netherlands.

But then the choice of systems that comply with all regulations and can be processed aesthetically in the roof. A Roof Master has the knowledge to help make this choice.

Form and value

A sloping roof determines the shape and appearance of a house. The aesthetic quality of the roof has a great influence on the valuation of the total property. The collaboration with a leading manufacturer with knowledge of the culture of the sloping roof landscape in the Netherlands is indispensable in this. A Roof Master has the knowledge to help make these choices.


The amount of daylight also determines how we feel in our home; ultimately this also has an effect on healthy living under the sloping roof, combined with the correct ventilation and insulation of the living areas under the sloping roof. A Roof Master has the knowledge to help make these choices.

Laws and regulations

All sloping roofs delivered by the Dakmeesters are guaranteed to comply with the Building Decree. An external party sees to this as extra security.


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Address data

Dakmeester Foundation
Heeswijk 155
PO Box 29, 3417 ZG Montfoort

Contact details

0348 476 575

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