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Build healthy

Materials from renewable natural products. This innovative, necessary development is in full swing in all sectors. also in construction. The transition is becoming a reality at an accelerated pace. The acceptance of, for example, VLAS as a high-quality insulation material is a striking example of this. At Isovlas, we have been convinced for a long time that it should go this way. That is why we have invested a lot of time, money and energy in biobased innovations for construction. All based on flax. With this knowledge we are convinced of the strength and sustainable quality of flax, because flax:

- is renewable and renewable for short cycles
- removes and stores CO2 from the atmosphere
- is naturally temperature and moisture regulating
- does not contain harmful dust particles
- is recyclable

Nature as inspiration for the smartest… for the best building insulation

Isovlas has translated the unique possibilities of flax into durable, high-quality products such as Building insulation, Dampopen Roof elements and post-insulation, for condensation-free insulation from the inside and on existing roof boards: Reno Interieur, the high-quality Reno TG Elegant and Reno Exterieur. For new construction, renovation, project-based housing, utility construction, villa construction, etc., etc.

Isovlas is the market leader in the development, production and sale of biobased insulation products made from flax.

As logical as it is ingenious. Building green is purple!

Isovlas Building insulation is biobased, Cradle to Cradle, made of natural flax fiber, durable, C02 neutral, naturally moisture and temperature regulating and highly sound resistant. It does not rot and does not weather. Insulating with flax has been a tried-and-tested alternative for more than 80 years (especially in Germany).

Unique price performance!

Isovlas insulation products distinguish themselves in price and performance and surpass traditional insulation materials in aspects of heat accumulation, moisture regulation, sound insulation, health and durability. No wonder, because the flax in Isovlas products is a natural product. And still there is no man-made and invented product that is better than what is natural. Nature is so much more complex and sophisticated that we are amazed by it every day. That is why we make use of that nature… With the best result for processor and end user, sustainable, healthy and safe.

Choosing Isovlas is a choice between reason and emotion. In terms of performance and costs, Isovlas products are second to none other insulation material. So, either you go for it or you don't. It's a matter of mindset. Of thinking and lifestyle. Don't you prefer natural fabrics such as linen and cotton for your clothing instead of synthetic materials?


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Address: Moergestelseweg 30a

Postal code: 5062 JW Oisterwijk

Place: Oisterwijk

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Isovlas PL Building insulation


– Post-insulation of the roof, between the purlins or on the roof boarding
– In timber frame construction walls
– In metal stud walls
– Below the ground floor
– Insulating the ceiling
– Post-insulation brick wall
– Insulating under laminate: Soundfelt


Isovlas PN Building insulation


– Post-insulation of the roof, between the purlins or on the roof boarding
– In timber frame construction walls
– In metal stud walls
– Below the ground floor
– Insulating the ceiling
– Post-insulation brick wall
– Insulating the cavity wall
– Insulating under laminate: Soundfelt


Reno Interior

Isovlas Reno Interieur is flexible flax insulation on a hard, flexible and impact-resistant bottom plate. As smart as logical. Isovlas Reno Interior is the sustainable, ecological, technically high-quality and economical alternative to post-insulation from the inside. There is no product that meets today's requirements anymore. Even when it comes to healthy and sustainable processing.


Isovlas Reno

TG Elegant

Isovlas Reno TG Elegant has all the advantages of Isovlas Reno Interior but is even more beautiful. Isovlas Reno TG Elegant is flexible flax insulation on a hard, smooth, impact-resistant bottom plate. The bottom plate is washable and beautifully finished. Isovlas Reno TG Elegant is the solution for high-quality and aesthetic post-insulation from the inside. It goes without saying that Reno TG Elegant is also made from flax and is therefore biobased and sustainable.


Post-insulation on existing roof decking. Insulate from the outside. Latest innovation.

Isovlas Reno Exterior for post-insulation on the existing roof boarding is the latest innovation from Isovlas. Reno Exterior is a vapour-permeable renovation element that has been specially designed to be able to insulate afterwards without evacuating the house.
Very practical.
Isovlas Reno Exterior elements are optimally moisture-regulating, uniquely processing-friendly, very efficient energy-saving, highly sound-resistant and surprisingly affordable!

Thanks to a smart combination of battens, hinges and overhangs, scaffolding is not necessary when laying the elements.
Reno Exterior is supplied with gutter board and edge wood for easy carpentry of fascias and gutters.
Due to the rigidity of the elements, the roof does not need to be leveled. The elements are supplied with a batten of 20 mm. This makes adjustment easy and guarantees good ventilation under the tiles.

Benefits of Reno Exterior
roof elements:

    • Can be ordered to size (beveled on one or both sides free of charge)

    • Easy and quick to assemble

    • Excellent price / quality ratio

    • No sawing work on site due to flexible layout

    • No condensation in the roof boarding, even if the inside is already insulated. Reno Exterior, like all other Isovlas insulation products, is moisture-regulating


Isovlas vapour-permeable RNV renovation roof element

The vapour-permeable elements are standard for load-bearing roof decking, with or without battens. Reno Exterior elements are lightweight and have a length of up to 6500 mm.
You place the roof elements directly on the roof boarding from the outside.



Isovlas, the building insulation with the best performance: ultimate living comfort, healthy, sustainable and surprisingly affordable

Isovlas Building insulation for roof, facade, wall and floor: optimally durable, cheap, healthy and easy to process

Isovlas is technically, ecologically and economically demonstrably the most innovative and best building insulation. Isovlas offers developers, governments, housing associations, architects, contractors, processors and, last but not least, end users each specific, new benefits.

The ideal living environment
Isovlas PL and PN building insulation is the best insulation choice for your projects. Isovlas PL and PN building insulation is ideally suited for passive houses and zero-energy houses.


VRD Roof element vapour-permeable

The vapour-permeable Isovlas VRD Roof element is a novelty and is distinguished by a large number of advantages. The roof element has constructive, insulating and soundproofing properties. It is sleek, flat, completely symmetrical and fitted with gutter planks as standard. This makes the element quick and easy to install. The roof element is robust and strong.


Flat roof elements

The Isovlas flat roof element is the vapour-permeable novelty with formidable constructive, insulating and sound-resistant properties. Robust, sleek and flat, making it quick and easy to install.
Even with large spans. In addition to saving a lot of time, it also saves sealing material. The seam between the elements is minimal and easy to seal.


System construction (prefab)

Prefab system construction, houses, offices and halls from the factory are taking off. The zeitgeist forces the construction world to come up with new techniques. So that we can build faster and in much larger quantities, one-offs and especially in series. The need and therefore the necessity is greatest in (social) housing in particular. And of course sustainable, climate neutral according to the latest state of the art.



The applications and possibilities in construction with Isovlas insulation seem endless. In recent decades, Isovlas has grown into the best BIOBASED Building Insulation for all conceivable forms of insulation in construction: from cavity to floor, from facade to roof. Healthy in processing, healthy in the living environment and of course affordable!

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